World Water Tech –  Cave Spring Tour

World Water Tech – Cave Spring Tour

An expo of successful pilot projects in an Ontario winery

On November 12th, as part of the 2014 World-Water Tech conference and our ongoing work with the Wine Council of Ontario, BLOOM and WaterTap hosted a tour of Cave Spring winery to showcase two technologies piloted within the facility over the past year: EcoEthic‘s BioGill, and Mantech‘s PeCOD. We brought together international businesses, journalists, technology providers, government, and wine, to explore what is being done in Ontario’s wineries around water management.


Some mingling before the tour.


Robert Menegotto, Mantech‘s President and CEO, stands beside the PeCOD: A real-time COD analyzer that allows wineries to monitor their water quality on-site.


(Left) Cave Spring’s Dave Hooper runs through the wine-tasting method.

(Right) An informal question period in Cave Spring’s production area.


Robert Davis, President of EcoEthic, describes the BioGill pilot unit currently installed in Cave Spring Winery.


A close-up of the BioGill, an on-site wastewater treatment solution that digests the organic waste produced from winemaking.


BLOOM’s CEO, Kevin Jones, in discussion with Walter Kraus, Vice President of Environment and Corporate Sustainability at Weston Foods


Dave Hooper in the barrel cellar, explaining the ageing process behind Cave Spring’s wine.


And finally, more mingling!

The tour was a great success, and our sincere thanks go out to all involved. Looking forward to more pilots and collaborations in the future!

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