Water & Wine – Launch

Water & Wine – Launch

Make it easier.


On March 24th, Ontario’s wine industry gathered at Peninsula Ridge Estates to talk about one thing: making sustainable winemaking a reality in Ontario. Wineries, government, technology providers, and industry associations, all committed to  a common cause.

The occasion marked the launch of Water & Wine, BLOOM’s practical, online platform for winery’s water needs. Based on a two-year study of Ontario’s wine region, Water & Wine is a platform built to show wineries the path to water efficiency: that it is attainable, and worth it.

“I wish this material was available sooner. If I had this information I could have saved a lot of time and money when we started monitoring water use.”

 – JL Groux
Winemaker, Stratus Vineyards



Jamie Slingerland (left), director of viticulture at Pillitteri Estates, and Richard Linley (right), President of the Wine Council on Ontario


 Jen Gemmrich, owner of Frogpond Farm Organic Winery


 “The Collective We:” Government, associations, technology providers, and wineries, aligned by a common goal


 Tom Kaszas, Director of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s Innovations Branch


 Peninsula Ridge, our gracious hosts

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