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DATE: September 16, 2015
TIME: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
LOCATION: Mississauga Convention Centre,
75 Derry Road West, Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3

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CHANGING THE GAME ON WATER USE: Mitigating Risk and Improving the Profitability of Ontario’s Food And Beverage Sector

More than 165 stakeholders converged to explore ways to increase adoption of sustainable water management practices in Ontario’s food and beverage industry. The Water Innovation Forum featured keynote speakers, panel discussions and a marketplace of 16 organizations focused on addressing the challenges and the opportunity to improve water and resource management.

The mission of the Water Innovation Forum is to inspire change and create new collaborations and business relationships within the “Collective We” ecosystem.

The Collective WeBy working together, the “Collective We” of producers, technology and service suppliers, consultants, academia, research institutions and government can develop practical policies and affordable water management solutions that can be adopted to support the sustainable growth of Ontario’s food and beverage industry.

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8:00 am Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:30 am Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Fred Keating, MC
  • Kevin Jones, President & CEO, BLOOM
8:45 am The Customer Perspective:
Building a Foundation for Practical Change

This session will discuss how food and beverage companies can “re-think” their water use and wastewater management practices, to improve operations, recover lost product and ingredients, and drive bottom-line performance. A craft beer expert from Colorado and a leading Ontario food/beverage company will share their water and resource management experiences, challenges and opportunities.

  • Session Leader: John Mercer, Main Dude, Brewery Wastewater Design
  • Panel Participant: Doug Alexander, Director of Engineering, Ippolito Fruit and Produce


John Mercer

10:00 am Networking and Refreshment Break
10:30 am The Supplier Perspective:
Accelerating the Adoption of Innovative Solutions

This session will delve into the challenges facing suppliers in selling their technology products and services to food and beverage processors. It will examine what needs to change and how to address the barriers, to enable increased industry adoption of innovative water and wastewater management solutions.

  • Session Leader: Rick Esselment, President, Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
  • Panel Participants: Kevin Bossy, President, Bishop Technologies Inc.; Rob Davis, President, EcoEthic Inc.


Kevin Bossy | Rob Davis

11:30 am The Municipal Perspective:
Balancing Competing Priorities of Local Economic Development, Asset Management and Water Infrastructure Optimization

Municipalities and their food and beverage sectors are inextricably linked with shared challenges and opportunities. This session will outline how the City of Brantford is developing a new “win-win” model; creating a more vibrant and robust industrial sector while optimizing municipal water infrastructure. Through their own example, Brantford and Maple Leaf Foods will discuss how they are working together to promote and invest in on-site water management solutions in Maple Leaf’s operations. This example can be replicated in other municipalities.

  • Session Leader: Geoff Rae, CAO, City of Brantford
  • Panel Participants: Ron Lynes, Manager of Compliance, Environmental Services, City of Brantford; Brent Holmes, Plant Manager, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.; Pragnesh Shah, Chief Engineer, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.


Geoff Rae | Ron Lynes | Pragnesh Shah

12:30 pm Networking Lunch
1:30 pm A Global Perspective: Afternoon Keynote
Realizing Bottom-Line Value through Water and Resource Optimization in Ireland’s Dairy Sector

The Keynote will provide a macro overview of the global food/beverage sector and competitive landscape. It will highlight “resource constraint risks” and the impact of increasing energy, water and resource management costs on margins and competitiveness. As an illustration, a case study on Dubliner Cheese and Carberry Dairy Farm in Ireland will examine how they are taking a strategic and holistic approach to energy, water and resource management to improve the bottom-line.

  • Introduction of Keynote Speaker: Norm Beal, CEO, Food and Beverage Ontario
  • Keynote Speaker: Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, O2 Environmental Inc. and BlueTech Research


Paul O’Callaghan

2:00 pm A Financial Perspective:
A Strategic Approach to Leverage Grant Funding

There are a myriad of government grant programs available to food and beverage processors. How do you identify these, select the ones right for you and prepare a winning application? This session will answer these questions. More importantly, it will show how processors can take a strategic approach to building such programs into longer-term business strategies and growth plans. An example of how one food and beverage company has successfully done this will be highlighted.

  • Session Leader: Alexandra Barlow, Business Development Executive, Mentor Works Ltd.
  • Panel Participant: Randy Josephs, VP of Operations, Kisko Products


Alexandra Barlow

3:00 pm Networking and Refreshment Break
3:15 pm A Sector Association Perspective:
Water Innovation in the Holland Marsh

Growing almost $50 million of fresh produce annually, the Holland Marsh is commonly referred to as Ontario’s “vegetable patch”. This session will showcase an innovative water project being implemented by the Holland Marsh Growers Association to sustain that economic capability into the future. Panelists will talk about how they are testing and evaluating innovative technologies and approaches, to protect fresh water supply, reduce risks to water quality and improve the growers’ bottom-line.

  • Session Leader: Tim Brook, Water Management Engineering Specialist, OMAFRA
  • Panel Participants: Charles Lalonde, Manager, Holland Marsh Growers Association Water Project; Paul Smith, Co-Manager, Smith Gardens; Michael Jones, Project Developer, Filtration Resources


Charles Lalonde | Paul Smith | Michael Jones

4:15 pm Concluding Remarks

  • Fred Keating, MC
  • Kevin Jones, President & CEO, BLOOM
4:30 pm Forum Adjourned