Event Details

DATE: September 16, 2015
TIME: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
LOCATION: Mississauga Convention Centre,
75 Derry Road West, Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3

Event Partners


Paul O'Callaghan

Paul O’Callaghan
Founder and CEO, O2 Environmental

Paul O’Callaghan is the founding CEO of O2 Environmental, a leading consultancy providing expert analysis on global water technology market opportunities. Paul also founded BlueTech® Research, a subsidiary of O2 Environmental that provides intelligence services to clients to identify key opportunities and emerging trends in the global water industry.

Paul has extensive experience of working with companies in the food and beverage sector, and in particular, dairy and brewing. He has been responsible for identifying opportunities for energy and resource recovery, product recovery, use of waste heat and water re-use.

With more than 19 years of experience in the water sector, Paul is widely recognized for his expertise in market analysis and success in providing business development support to venture-backed water companies.

Paul holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a Masters Degree in Water Resource Management. He has authored and presented numerous papers on emerging water and wastewater treatment technologies, guest lectured at Harvard Business School, provided commentary on the Discovery Channel, and delivered keynotes at numerous international events including the Singapore International Water Week TechXchange Workshop.

Doug Alexander

Doug Alexander
Director of Engineering, Ippolito Fruit and Produce

Doug Alexander is part of the leadership team at the Ippolito Group, a multi unit business with two 100,000 square foot modern food processing facilities in Burlington as well as operations at the Ontario Food Terminal, California and an extensive transportation business. Doug’s experience running food processing operations spans 29 years of meat, bakery, condiments, pasta, sauces and vegetable processing. Doug is also Chair of the Agri-Food Management Institute, sits on the Board of Directors of the Agricultural Adaptation Council as the Agri-Business-food processor sector representative and is on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Food Business Incubator.

Doug is also on the Food Processing Industry Round Table Executive Steering Committee. He has also held the position as Vice President and Director of Food and Beverage Ontario. Doug has diplomas in Food Science as well as Industrial Engineering Technology.

Doug currently resides in Burlington, Ontario with his wife and 5 children.

Fred Keating

Fred Keating
Master of Ceremonies

MC Fred Keating has dipped his toe into many water-focused events: Canadian Water Summit 2015, ESAA’s annual WaterTech and RemTech Conferences, the Emerald Awards and additional special events, and awards shows where water issues are discussed.

He wrote and produced the 15 HD video programs on Alberta water issues that surround the exhibits at Calgary’s Bow Habitat Station.

Norm Beal

Norm Beal
CEO, Food and Beverage Ontario

With over 15 years experience as president and founder of one of Ontario’s finest wineries, Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery, Norm is no stranger to the beverage processing industry. Norm also worked for 20 years in the oil industry as an International Oil Products Trader and in other roles for multinational giants such as Syncrude Canada, Shell Canada, Glencore International and British Petroleum. He earned a fourth class engineering degree from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, followed by a Marketing degree from the University of Calgary. Norm sits on several boards including the Wine Council of Ontario (Treasurer) and the Presidents Council (Vice Chair) and is a member of the Premiers Growth Steering Committee. Norm has also worked tirelessly for his local community as Co-Chair of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Capital Campaign which raised over $14 million to build a new local hospital. As Chair of the West Niagara YMCA Capital Fundraising Campaign which raised over $2.5 million to build the new Niagara West YMCA and through the Peninsula Ridge Foundation which has raised over $700,000 for local community charitable causes.

Alexandra Barlow

Alexandra (Alex) Barlow
Business Development Executive, Mentor Works Ltd.

Alex Barlow has always been interested in helping people. At Mentor Works, she combines this desire with her past experience in grants administration and economic development to provide strategic advice to companies looking to leverage government funding. Alex graduated in 2010 with a Masters of Arts, Political Science, from the University of Guelph. Her interests were always in economic development and business development, which led her to work for a regional innovation centre and FedDev Ontario. Most recently, she worked for the provincial government managing a $40M portfolio of infrastructure funding, as well as a consulting agency focused on assisting municipalities with their strategic development. She was pleased to join Mentor Works in the summer of 2012 as Team Lead, assisting a wide range of clients with their strategic initiatives.

Kevin Bossy

Kevin Bossy
CEO, Bishop Water Technologies

Kevin Bossy joined Bishop Water Technologies in October of 2008 as CEO of the business which was spun out of Bishop Aquatic Technologies. He has built on the success of the Bonnechere Valley Nutrient Processing Facility which utilizes Geotube® dewatering technology. Since Kevin’s arrival, Bishop Water Technologies has grown exponentially, with projects and installations across Ontario.

Kevin worked at RBC Capital Markets for 13 years, he then moved to the commercial and personal side of banking, as a Commercial Account Manager.
Kevin was born in Malta and lived in England before making career moves within Canada, Singapore and Australia. In 2000 he and his family moved to the Ottawa Valley, where they enjoy a busy and active lifestyle. Kevin is a volunteer in the community, an avid skier and loves to golf.

Tim Brook

Tim Brook, P.Eng.
Water Management Engineering Specialist, OMAFRA

Tim has been working in the water industry for the past 18 years in both the private and public sectors. He holds a B.A.Sc. from the University of Windsor and a M.Sc. from the University of Guelph, both in Environmental Engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario and Michigan.

In his current role as Water Management Engineering Specialist with OMAFRA, Tim works with agricultural and food processors, consultants, equipment vendors, municipalities, conservation authorities and other government agencies on various water management topics. His current projects involve washwater/wastewater treatment and disposal, drainage, irrigation and water quality. He is a member of the steering committee for the Holland Marsh Growers Association Water Project.

Rob Davis

Rob Davis
CEO, EcoEthic Inc.

Rob Davis is a wastewater consultant and CEO of EcoEthic Inc. Rob is a specialist in the efficient and environmentally responsible operation of wastewater systems, how they work, and what causes them to fail, and is well known in the industry for specific bio-augmention formulations.

Recently Rob has been working with the BioGill Bioreactor technology designed to deal with high strength and difficult wastewater from the food & beverage sector.

Rick Esselment

Rick Esselment
President and Founder, ESSE

Rick is the President and Founder of ESSE, a water resource management firm. ESSE provides solutions through the operation, maintenance, design and management services for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.

Rick is an entrepreneur and has worked as a public health inspector, former building official and Provincial Offenses Officer. He is an advocate for local water resource management in Ontario, in particular for the protection of environmental public health through sustainable onsite and decentralized wastewater management and source water protection.

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones, MBA, M.Sc.Pl.
President and CEO, BLOOM

Kevin is a business executive with 28 years of diversified experience in the private and public sectors. He has provided the leadership on several award-winning BLOOM initiatives in the agri-food, property redevelopment and clean technology sectors. Currently, he is leading a 5-year project to make sustainable water use a reality in Ontario’s $40 billion food and beverage processing industry. This unique project is aligning diverse stakeholder interests and equipping the industry with the know-how and tools to implement practical water and resource management solutions. Kevin has an Executive MBA from Athabasca University and a Master of Science in Environmental Planning from the University of Toronto.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones
Project Developer, Filtration Resources

Michael has been involved in the field of wastewater and air filtration since 1999, working with process, industrial or domestic effluent. Michael represents solution providers such as Newterra, Geotube, Biodisk, and Voltea. Michael’s process is strategic. He assesses where the client is, and where the client needs to be, then, engages the appropriate engineering team and equipment suppliers to reach regulatory compliance in the most economical way possible.

Randy Josephs

Randy Josephs, BBA
VP of Operations, Kisko Products

Currently Randy is the VP of Operations for Kisko Products in Woodbridge managing 165 employees and five departments reporting daily. Kisko has focused heavily on operational training over the last 5 years with great results. They have successfully utilized government funding in-part to fuel their growth.

As an Advisory Board Member for Centennial College for Biotech and Food Science, Randy has been involved in developing new programs and changes to current curriculum.

Randy is a proud Board Member of Chef Relief, an organization that provides emergency relief to the victims of natural disasters. They have sent teams to New Orleans and Florida immediately after hurricanes Katrina and Ivan, as well as Haiti, after the devastating earthquake.

Charles Lalonde

Charles Lalonde
Manager, Holland Marsh Growers Association Water Project

Charles manages the Holland Marsh Growers Association Water Project. This is partially funded through the Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Clean Up Fund. Charles has an extensive agri-environmental background having delivered a variety of projects for the agricultural sector. These include projects on risk analysis for farms affected by local source water protection plans, nutrient 4 “R” fertilizer projects, an EG&S project to assess phosphorous reduction resulting from beneficial farm practices and many others. Currently, Charles works with growers to identify and implement vegetable washwater technology solutions to reduce phosphorous emissions and ultimately meet discharge limits under several ecological parameters.

Ron Lynes

Ron Lynes
Ron Lynes, Manager of Compliance, Environmental Services, City of Brantford

During his 20 years in the municipal sector, Ron Lynes has focused his efforts and talents on water and wastewater as a licensed wastewater treatment operator, process control analyst and pollution control manager. Most recently Ron has been working with industries throughout the city of Brantford to achieve compliance with the new sewer use by-law that he co-authored. For the first decade of his career, Ron worked in the industrial, manufacturing and construction sectors which provided valuable perspective for his current role as Manager of Compliance for the City of Brantford. Ron holds a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo.

John Mercer

John Mercer
Main Dude, Brewery Wastewater Design

John has more than 17 years of wastewater experience, in breweries and laboratories and was a licensed wastewater treatment plant operator in the State of Oregon from 1997 to 2014. He worked at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon from 1998 to 2010 where he operated, maintained, and managed the waste treatment facility (WTF) at the production brewery, among many other things. He now has a brewery consulting business as well as an organic farm and ranch in Colorado.

Geoff Rae

Geoff Rae
CAO, City of Brantford

Geoff Rae began his career over 20 years ago as a water treatment plant operator with the Brantford Public Utilities Commission. He then moved to Halton Region where he held several positions including Systems Coordinator; Special Studies and Research Coordinator; Manager of Records and Information Management; Director of Business and Infrastructure Services; and, Director of Asset Management.

Prior to his return to Brantford he was in the role of Senior Director of Environment and Sustainable Infrastructure at the City of Hamilton. In Brantford, Geoff held the position of General Manager of Public Works since 2011 and was appointed the City’s Chief Administrative Officer in March, 2015. During his extensive tenure in a municipal setting, Geoff has been actively involved in wastewater treatment and plant optimization.

Pragnesh Shah

Pragnesh Shah
Chief Engineer, Maple Leaf Foods

Pragnesh is a chief engineer at Maple leaf foods with over 20 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry, specializing in waste water discharge and energy/utility projects.

For the past 6 years he has been working with Maple Leaf Foods Brantford operating, maintaining, and managing the waste water treatment plant (WWTP).

Pragnesh and Maple Leaf Foods have been working with the city of Brantford to improve their wastewater discharge quality. Their goal is to comply with city bylaw waste water discharge limit before 2017. For the last 2 years over $125,000 has been invested in their WWTP and they have experienced significant improvements on discharge water. They are confident they will achieve the goal.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith
Co-Manager, Smith Gardens

Smith Gardens is a family-run farm which grows and packs carrots, onions, beets, parsnips, and turnips. The water used to wash the root vegetables is treated and recycled within the plant, this creates a closed system with no washwater discharge. Water is treated to produce different grades for different purposes, including potable for final washing. Paul co-manages aspects of the farm alongside other family members from field to market.