The Bloom Centre for Sustainability launches BLOOM IQ™

TORONTO, ON, April 2012 – The Bloom Centre for Sustainability (BLOOM) is pleased to introduce their new BLOOM Impact Quantification (BLOOM IQ™) – a decision intelligence tool that presents decision-makers with a more complete picture of the economic, environmental and societal impacts associated with sustainability opportunities.

Choosing the best sustainability option is a complex balancing act for organizations. One of the biggest challenges decision-makers face is getting a ‘big picture’ view of impacts as they directly relate to their organization and indirectly to all impacted stakeholders.

“The BLOOM IQ service offering has evolved from our more than 15 years of experience in providing specialized technical expertise, analytical skills and customized tools to help our private and public sector clients make informed decisions,” says Kevin Jones, President and CEO of BLOOM. “We are very excited about the value BLOOM IQ will bring to our clients moving forward.”

BLOOM works closely with organizations to determine the appropriate life-cycle metrics and performance indicators that are important to their objectives and those of their impacted stakeholders. BLOOM uses a transparent and rigorous approach to quantify all of the relevant net economic, environmental and societal impacts.

The output is an easy-to-understand presentation of the options using metrics and language that are relevant to decision-makers, impacted stakeholders and critical influencers.

“Organizations will continue to struggle to move beyond ‘business as usual’ unless they have comprehensive, quantified data to back-up their decision to change”, according to Michael Fagan, Senior Vice President of BLOOM. “BLOOM IQ provides the necessary holistic ‘big picture’ intelligence to determine if a new or alternative approach makes business sense for all that are impacted by it.”

All sustainability decisions involve tradeoffs – the challenge is finding the right balance, what BLOOM calls Best Use, Best Return. The BLOOM IQ™ can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization making it ideal for integration into a variety of decision-making processes.

With BLOOM IQ™, private and public sector organizations can confidently choose more sustainable solutions, formulate smarter policies and develop more sensible strategies with reduced risk profiles. They can also enhance their credibility, forge new partnerships and implement innovative solutions with long-term sustainability benefit.

More details on BLOOM IQ™, including client case studies and testimonials, are available by downloading the BLOOM IQ White Paper (pdf), or at

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