The Best Zero Waste Dish Soap

We all know the feeling… the trashman’s here and you watch on, cringing at the plastic bottles spilling out of your garbage can.

You’ve been trying to rid yourself of single-use plastics but can’t find an alternative to your favorite dish soap. But then you learn that 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide, and only half get recycled.  

So, do you want to reduce your waste without reducing the cleanliness of your dishes? Or perhaps you’re just looking to live a little more planet friendly.

Well, you’re in luck! No longer do you have to waste bottles upon bottles made from unnecessary plastic. Instead, here are some eco-friendly alternatives for you to try… 

The Best Zero Waste Dish Soap

No Tox Life Vegan Dish Soap Block 

No Tox Life Dish Washing Block Soap - Free of Dyes and Fragrance - Zero Waste

With this 100% Vegan dish soap, a little goes a long way. As a replacement for a single-use plastic bottle, this product not only lasts longer than your average bottled soap but it is completely biodegradable – even down to the packaging. 

This soap will leave you feeling guilt-free and your dishes sparkling! To use, all you have to do is ‘’apply, lather, stack and maintain.’’ It’s tough on grease and cleans in all water types.  


  • Long lasting – Not only will you be reducing your plastic waste, you’ll also find that this product will last a while longer than any bottled liquid soap. 
  • Cruelty Free – Absolutely no animals were tested on to create this product. 
  • Palm Oil Free – Palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation, and a common ingredient to natural products; however, it is not used in this one, making it even better for the environment! 


  • Cannot be cut into smaller pieces, meaning it may be harder to control the amount of product being used at a single time. 

Simplut Zero Waste Natural Dish Soap 

Zero Waste Natural Dish Soap (Pack of 1) - All Natural Organic Solid Soap Bars - Vegan Dishwashing Supplies - Eco Friendly Plastic Free Packaging - For Kitchen, Camping, Travel and More

Made using natural ingredients, Simplut’s dish soap is available to buy in bulk in a fragrance-free or lemon scent. Because it is packaged in unbleached paper and cardboard, it can be easily composted or even repurposed – making the product completely free of waste! 

The organic qualities of this soap allows the product to break down naturally, meaning it can be used in any type of water. It’s free from artificial perfumes and unnatural dyes and preservatives.  


  • Fruit and Veg Safe – Cleaning your greens has never been easier with this dish soap! With no harmful chemicals, this product can safely wash food without leaving a weird taste or residue. 
  • Ideal For Sensitive Skin – Imbued with essential oils, this soap leaves hands feeling moisturized. 
  • Traditional Handmade Process – Meaning that the soap is even more powerful on the toughest stains – even in cold water! 


  • Only available to buy in bulk – so you’d better hope you get on with it! 

Meloria Plastic Free Dish Soap

Meliora Cleaning Products Plastic-Free Dish Soap for Hand Washing, 7 Oz. (Lemon)

With zero plastic use, this soap is easy to use and very eco-friendly! Both the soap itself and the packaging is 100% biodegradable, reducing the waste that leaves your kitchen.

Safe for the planet, and safe for your kids and pets – the product is septic free meaning it’s entirely non-toxic and not harmful. It’s gentle on the skin, making it good for you and the environment. 

Alongside the soap’s kindness to the environment, the company behind the product is completely cruelty-free making it suitable for vegans, and kinder to animals too. 


  • Longevity – 1 bar of this dish soap is equivalent to 2 bottles of regular dish soap – so you’re saving the environment and you’re saving on your weekly shop! 
  • People and Planet Friendly – with no synthetic fragrances or dyes, this product will leave you and the earth feeling satisfied.  
  • Scents – if you love the citrusy smell of bottled soaps, and don’t want to leave that behind – worry not! This soap is available in a natural lemon scent as well as an unscented option. 


  • Sometimes leaves film on the dishes, meaning you’ll have to scrub a little harder – and in turn use more water. 

Mamaforest Natural Soap Dish Bar

mamaforest Natural Soap Dish Bar (Pack of 3pcs+Tray, 5.29oz/1ea),Dish Soap Bar, Sustainable Zero Waste Sterilizing Dish soap Organic Essential Oil(Pink Heaven)

This handmade dish soap comes in a pack of three, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing dish soap for quite a while! The use of tocopherol in the product prevents it from oxidation and means it can be kept for up to 2 years due to this natural preservative. 

This long shelf life helps contribute to the wellness of the planet. With no use of synthetic dyes or fragrances, this product is safe to use for washing fruit and veg as well as your dishes.

This is one of the best dish soaps when it comes to irritated skin, as it has ultra-moisturizing qualities from the natural glycerin and USDA certified argan oil ingredients


  • Handmade – Using the cold press method, making it more eco-friendly.  
  • Antibacterial – This product has 99.9% natural antibacterial properties. Bye-bye nasty germs! 
  • Range of Scents – this product offers the most differentiation when it comes to how it smells. Including peppermint, lemon and grapefruit – all the fragrances are made from natural ingredients.  


  • Plastic Soap Dish – When buying this product it comes with a complimentary soap dish. As handy as this may seem, the dish is made of plastic meaning it’s non-recyclable and not helpful to the zero-waste plastics goal. 
  • Not Vegan – The soap is awaiting Vegan Certification.  

Tobe Natural Dish Soap

TOBE Natural Dish Soap – Biodegradable Dish Soap – Zero Waste Kitchen – Glycerin Moisturizing Dish Soap – Plastic Free Package - Residue Free

This non-toxic, residue free dish soap is made with 100% natural ingredients. Unlike the previously mentioned products, this soap is made with all natural oils and granulated brown sugar – this gives the soap a slightly abrasive effect that gets rid of food waste. 

Tobe is a small business and so you won’t just be supporting a healthier planet, but also someone’s own hard work and a company that could grow and make a real difference. 


  • Moisturizing – Keeps your hands feeling soft. 
  • Kind to Earth – Vegan and cruelty free, no animal testing. 
  • Handmade – Using organic ingredients and the cold-press method. 


  • Palm Oil – Is an ingredient used which contributes to deforestation.  

Miw Piw Vegan Dish Soap Bar

Miw Piw Vegan Dish Soap Bar - Large 6 Ounce - Lather Clean Safe Ingredients- Free of Dyes and Fragrance - Zero Waste Kitchen Dishwashing Solid Soap (2)

You’ll get your citrus fix with this soap! Lemon scented and vegan, the soap is not only cruelty free but also free of palm oil. With no chemical additives, it is preserved by the natural glycerin in the coconut oil it contains. This also acts as a moisturizing component for your skin.  Bonus!


  • No inorganic waste – produced in small batches. 
  • Fairtrade Business – fair pay to all of their workers. 
  • Compostable packaging – the whole product is biodegradable. 


  • Customers found it to be a smaller product than expected. 

Le Quillaia Pure Dish Bar Set

LE QUILLAIA Pure Dish Bar Set (Lemon& Mint Chocolate), Solid Dishwashing Soap, Zero Waste, Plastic Free, Biodegradable and Sustainable Vegan Detergent for Kitchen, Pack of 2pcs 3.5 Oz(100g)/1ea

The scents available for this product make it one of the most unique – available in lemon and mint choc-chip.

The lemon extract is made from lemon peel oil and the chocolate is made from cacao seed powder. Within this product is a natural sterilizer from the brown sugar ingredient. Perfect for chocolate lovers too! 


  • Vegan – 100% natural ingredients, cruelty free and non-toxic! 
  • Zero Waste – Eco-friendly and kind to the planet. 
  • Travel Size – easy for storage. Tiny but mighty! 


  • Product uses up very quickly

Bio Bandit Dish Soap

Zero Waste Natural Solid Bar Dish Soap Sustainable Kitchen Set | Handmade Organic Unscented Eco Friendly Plastic Free | 2 Bars of Dish Soap - Wooden Soap Holder and Compostable Scrubber Sponge

For climate-friendly guilt-free dishwashing look no further! What’s unique with this soap is its wave design, so it’s pretty and great for the environment. The non-toxic ingredients mean that it is safe for those who may have breathing issues or sensitive skin. 

Created by a small business, fewer cO2 resources are needed to ship + make, plus it’s produced in the USA, so there are no shipping emissions! 


  • Multipurpose – You can also use this soap to remove carpet and clothing stains. 
  • Eco-friendly – plastic free, palm-oil free as well as fragrance and dye free. 
  • Concentrated product – meaning you have more control over the product. 


  • Drying – product is known to dry hands out. 

Eco Buzz Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing Soap Block by Eco Buzz - Zero Waste for Eco-Friendly Washing and Cleaning of Kitchen Dishes, 6oz Bar, with Biodegradable Coconut Coir Soap Rest - Unscented.

Palm-oil free, this dish soap is eco friendly and helps with your fight against plastic waste with its biodegradable packaging. Even better, the Eco Buzz dish soap will leave your hands feeling fresh too! 

With no harsh chemicals, this sulfate and paraben free soap is also free of any artificial dyes or fragrances, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.  


  • Offsets cO2 Commissions – Eco Buzz plant 281 trees every year to help reduce their cO2 commissions. 
  • Size – the large sized bar means that the product lasts, but it’s still smaller than the average bottled size meaning it still saves space and the earth! 
  • Non-Toxic – Fragrance and artificial coloring free. 


  • Harsh to skin compared to other products 

rE: Dishwashing Soap Bar

rE: Dish Washing Soap Bar (Loofah Holder Sponge Included) - Palm Oil Free, eco Friendly, Zero Waste, Plastic Free, Free of Artificial Dyes and Fragrance

Not only are you getting a soap bar, but you’ll also be given a sponge holder made from unbleached loofah – making it eco-friendly and multipurpose.

You can use the sponge to clean your dishes too! Easy on the hands, safe on fruit and veg, and available in multiple different scents – what more could you ask for? 


  • Scent – fragrance lingers on dishes long after they’ve been washed. 
  • Biodegradable – the soap, loofah and packaging are all entirely compostable.  
  • Cruelty free – No animals were harmed in the making or testing of this product. 


  • This particular product gets used up quickly. 

Organic Dish Wash Bar

Organic Dish Wash Bar (1pc, Charcoal & Oats S27) - Natural Vegan Soap That Washes Plates, Fruits and Vegetables

Your dishes will be squeaky clean using the Organic Dish Wash Bar! With no preservatives or color additives, the bar uses edible charcoal and organic oats which means it can remove the dirt on dishes and keep your hands soft at the same time. 


  • Scent – fragrance and color of the soap is 100% generated from hand-harvested ingredients. 
  • Packaging – Not only has the packaging been reduced, it is also paper based and so biodegradable. 
  • Edible ingredients – Although not recommended to actually eat, the product is safe to use to wash fruit and vegetables. 


  • Some customers found that it leaves a slight residue on glassware. 

Buyers Guide 

The benefits of a zero waste dish soap are endless! It’s an easy and simple switch that is going to help conserve the environment, reduce plastic waste and help the planet. There is no need to worry about the cleanliness of your dishes, these soaps are made for you and the planet and can do just as good a job as anything you currently use. 

Gone are the days of dry, flaky skin from spending too long in the sink. Gone are those plastic bottles in your front yard. Say hello to this fresh, biodegradable, eco friendly alternative. These soaps are the future, don’t get left behind.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dish soap sustainable?

Generally speaking, no – but when you use one of our recommended products above – absolutely! With 100% biodegradable ingredients and packaging, these dish-soaps are as sustainable as anything can be.  

How do you wash dishes with zero waste?

 A good way to begin is with completely compostable and natural products! Using zero-waste soap will reduce the amount of single-use plastic used in your everyday life.  

How do you make dish soap sustainable?

By using zero-waste dish soaps that use natural ingredients and packaging that is completely plastic free and can be composted or reused.  

What is a non toxic dish soap?

 A dish soap using natural preservatives and ingredients will not be toxic and is safe to use to wash fruit and veg, and it is safe to use around kids and pets. 

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