Pact Clothing Review – Our Honest Opinion

Pact Clothing has been gathering momentum and receiving some great media attention recently as a modern sustainable brand. So we thought we’d check them out for ourselves.

In modern-day America, people are finally starting to see the importance of caring for the planet and converting to a more sustainable and planet friendly lifestyle, however, organic tends to be associated mainly with food and drink, meaning clothing can often be forgotten.

The average American woman today owns 103 items of clothing (and for some this figure is hundreds if not hundreds of times more!). The environmental impact of fast fashion is becoming clearer day the day.

The importance of making clothes both organic and sustainable has never been more important.

Pact Clothing

Pact is quick to brand itself as “Earth’s Favourite Clothing”, however just how grateful should the planet be for them?

The clothing brand uses organic cotton which is much better for the environment than standard cotton for multiple reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • It uses up to 95% less water during the wash phase than conventional cotton does.
  • It does not contain the dyes, bleaches, and chemicals that ordinary cotton uses to damage the environment.
  • Conventional cotton can require the use of chemical fuelled pesticides which have a detrimental impact on farmers, farming land and waters such as streams. On the other hand, organic cotton does not require the use of such pesticides.

Pact, also boasts the fact that they have achieved GOTS certification. GOTS stands for The Global Organic Textile Standard. This is a very tough certification to achieve as it has extremely high standards in terms of meeting both ecological and social criteria.

Similarly, all products that can be Fair Trade, are. this ensures that the farmers are not exploited but rather that they are paid fairly for their labour.

Even with products where Fair Trade is not applicable Pact makes sure that they are manufactured in safe working environments, this means that you can rest easy knowing that none of your new clothes were created at the hands of child-labor or in sweatshops.  

One thing that initially appears alarming is that Pact does not manufacture within the US. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this is because most of their products are made out of organic cotton, 74% of which is exclusively from India.

As Pact promises to employ people fairly and to treat them to a good standard this could actually have a positive impact on the poorer Indian communities.

So, Pact is good for the environment but is it good for you?

When choosing clothes to suit you the most important factors are comfort and style.  The high organic cotton content in all of the Pact clothing range means that it is super comfortable. Their clothing is also lightweight which is perfect for year-round usage.

In terms of style, it is nearly impossible to not find a product that you like! Pact caters to a wide range of audiences, their products range from knitwear through to hoodies and dresses.

They even have a maternity range for expectant mothers as well as a men’s and children’s range so, you can get the whole family on board with looking fabulous and saving the planet.

Final Thoughts

As a company Pact is managing to tick just about all the right boxes. They are environmentally friendly, good employers and create beautiful products! Perfect for the modern eco-savvy consumer.

Their range of items available in the online store is phenomenal and there truly is something suitable for everyone from your four-year-old nephew through to your mother-in-law.

Overall, we would say that Pact is most definitely worth trying out. We especially recommend the 100% organic cotton products as they are just so much softer than the majority of clothes that you will find in your closet and certainly a lot more planet friendly! 

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