59 Green Products For An Eco-Friendly Life

Did you know that it can take anywhere from 500 to 1000 years for plastic to begin degrading? That means that all the plastic that has ever been made thus far still exists in its entirety today. 

When plastic finally begins to degrade, it just disintegrates into smaller and smaller hazardous fragments of itself.

This further contaminates the ecosystem. But thankfully,  You can start removing plastic from your life right now!

The easiest way to control plastic pollution is to lead by example. When you begin sharing your eco-friendly journey with friends and family, you will see that your activities cause others to examine their own plastic waste.

As more people become aware of and join the eco-friendly cause, we will begin to see things improve.

To help people make the shift away from the curse of plastic products, We have compiled what We believe to be the best list of eco-friendly products that you can buy today to help reduce your own plastic pollution.

Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are created from non-renewable fossil fuels such as polypropylene plastic (handle) and nylon (bristles).

They are virtually indestructible, which implies that the first toothbrush we had as children is still around in some way, poisoning our planet.

Each year, billions of plastic toothbrushes are discarded. They are tossed into our oceans or end up in landfills, where they can sit for up to 1000 years before decomposing.

Bamboo toothbrushes are an environmentally beneficial choice because bamboo is a natural plant that is completely biodegradable, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

It is one of the fastest-growing plants on the globe, so we shouldn’t run out anytime soon.

Also, the bristles of bamboo toothbrushes should be BPA-free, which has a lesser influence on our overall health.

Finally, for optimal biodegradability, the bamboo toothbrush should be disposed of properly or composted. If possible. Get your hands on a bamboo toothbrush here.

Reusable shopping bag

One of the simplest improvements you can make right away is to stop using plastic grocery bags in your household.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, the average American family gets up to 1,500 of these single-use bags each year, with only 15 (1%) of those bags recycled.

But there’s more –  each plastic bag is used for 12 minutes on average before being discarded. Instead of using conventional plastic bags, use reusable cloth bags.

Keep one or two in your car for impromptu grocery runs, and one or two in your purse to ensure you always have a reusable bag on hand. You can get your own here.

Reusable metal drinking straws

Plastic straws are another example of a product that is used for a few minutes and then discarded. Every year, an enormous amount of them are discarded.

What is the solution? Straws that are made from stainless steel. You can simply wash and reuse a stainless steel straw over and over.

They also come in a handy little natural jute bag, which you can keep in the car and at home to ensure you never run out. Get your hands on some here.

Environmentally friendly water bottle

One person usually consumes one and a half liters of water each day. Consider how much time it takes to go to the shop and buy bottled water.

Particularly if you go to the gym and drink a lot of water while working out. As a result, Americans discard 35 billion plastic bottles each year.

And all of these bottles contain BPA, a chemical that can harm the body. As an alternative, we recommend stainless steel bottles that are BPA-free, as well as silicone and glass water bottles.

Such a sustainable product is not inferior to plastic ones – you can customize the form and color and add a sticker or glitter.

Another benefit is that some bottles can keep liquids cold or hot for up to 24 hours. Buy one on Amazon here.

Rechargeable batteries

The fundamental advantage of rechargeables is that they may be used repeatedly, requiring less regular batteries to be created.

Rechargeable batteries, in fact, use up to 24 times less nonrenewable natural resources than disposable batteries. Why?

Recharging is more cost-effective than purchasing and manufacturing new ones. You will save money, energy, and time in the long run.

If you’re using a disposable one, use the iRecycle app to identify recycling locations for those often-forgotten batteries and devices in your bin. Buy some rechargeable batteries here.

Low Flow showerhead

Ten liters is the average quantity of water used in a shower each minute, with approximately 50 liters simply flowing away. And the problem isn’t just in the water; it’s in heated water.

The more water that is consumed, the more energy is required to heat it. Hot water also needs more heating, so you can save money on your power bill at the same time.

The water-saving showerhead works by squeezing the water through small holes, reducing the water flow by up to half while keeping the flow regulated and consistent.

Low flow showerheads can reduce water use by 40% or more, depending on the head. You can purchase a low-flow showerhead here.

Reusable coffee filters

The cost and flavor of the coffee you drink are determined by the filter.

Aside from the standard recyclable paper filters, there are metal filters, nylon filters, and even golden ones. A sustainable organic cotton filter appears to strike a balance between the two. 

Machines can also benefit from eco-friendly alternatives.

Reusable filters fit practically any coffeemaker and are well worth purchasing because a single filter can provide much more than a single-use plastic filter.

It’s a little more pricey, but it’ll create enough coffee for a small coffee shop.

And because it is easy to use, you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee sooner than ever before. Buy some on Amazon here.

Erasable notebook

Do you believe that traditional pens and paper notes are more personal and easy to use than laptop computers?

You probably don’t want to use your laptop during the entire meeting and would rather take standard notes.

If you care about the environment, erasable or reusable notebooks are an excellent choice. Saying no to paper waste will change your life forever.

By wiping clean with a moist cloth, such books can be reused indefinitely.

Scribble down anything that comes to mind, then construct a draught, then another, then a scheme, and finally, erase everything., and start all over again! Get one here.

Safety razor

You might believe that long-lasting razors are a thing of the past. Then you’ll be astonished to learn that they’re finally catching on today.

More and more people are becoming aware that some manufacturers are attempting to make our standard replaceable razors fairly durable, but not long enough to prevent you from purchasing another one soon.

Safety razors are believed to be sharper, eliminate irritation and shave bumps, and have only one blade in contact with your skin at a time. Get one here.

LED lightbulb

LED lightbulb

LED bulbs last longer and are more efficient than incandescent lighting. Only 5% of the energy in LEDs is wasted as heat, while the other 95% is transformed.

Less energy consumption reduces demand for power plants and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the average efficiency of an LED bulb is 78 lumens per watt, whereas standard bulbs range from 13 to 18 lumens per watt.

They may be more expensive, but they help you save money and avoid throwing away a light bulb every month – this benefits the environment.

They come in a variety of shapes and can accommodate even the most bizarre light fixture design. Get some here.

Switch to E-books

A book is one of those items that, after you pay for it, makes you richer. There is no dispute about it, but how about utilizing what we’ve learned to reduce our consumption?

We won’t be able to publish all of the future generations’ ideas if it takes as many trees as our world currently has. And here, the technology works in favor of green solutions.

E-books are not only the forest’s best friend, but they are also extremely convenient. With just a few clicks, you could download and take the biggest novels with you.

There’s no need to lug around a big book in a rucksack, and there’s no need to hunt down the latest book by your favorite author. Purchase it online, download it, and keep it on hand at all times.

Beeswax food wrap

We can store food for up to a year with beeswax wrap. The wrap is made of a coated fabric, typically cotton, and can be wrapped around food containers or the meal itself.

It is reusable, compostable, and allows food to stay fresh for an extended period of time without the use of electricity. Beeswax wrap can be washed and air-dried after each usage.

They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns to satisfy the demands of everybody. Get your hands on some here.

Biodegradable plant pots

Biodegradable pots can help you protect your yard from plastic and rubber pollution. They’re typically built of recycled materials like newspaper, fiber, coir, peat, or terracotta.

Terracotta pots are ideal if you need to use attractive containers for your flowers.

While pear and newspaper pots are used to develop plants in your garden from seed to large plant, the plus is that such pots decompose naturally after a year and can be buried in the ground.

Because plant roots can push through the pot. Get some here.

Reusable cotton buds

When it comes to cotton buds, there is a multitude of reusable options that perfectly serve to counteract the billions of single-use cotton swabs created every day.

These are simply washed with warm soapy water after use. If you find yourself using cotton buds on a daily basis, investing in a reusable option is well worth the initial investment.

You can also buy cotton buds that are completely biodegradable. While these are discarded after use, because they are comprised of soft cotton and bamboo, they naturally deteriorate.

They are also packaged in recycled cardboard.

Compostable trash bags

When purchasing compostable bin bags, make sure they explicitly declare that they are 100% biodegradable.

Some are only partially biodegradable, so make sure to confirm before you buy.

These are ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and other domestic garbage because they naturally degrade in three months.

These, like other eco-friendly things, are more expensive than plastic ones, but don’t let that deter you. Get some here.

Dryer balls

Instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets, use dryer balls. Typically, dryer balls are comprised of rubber or cotton.

When placed in the dryer, they are believed to speed up the drying process, soften clothing, and minimize static electricity.

They are a healthier alternative to chemical fabric softener and wasteful, one-time-use dryer sheets.

These compounds are not only harmful to the environment, but they are also absorbed by your clothing, bedding, and towels and transmitted to your skin. Get some reusable dryer balls here.

Menstrual cup

A typical woman uses 240 tampons each year and around 16,800 tampons in her lifetime. We know very little about the materials used in feminine products.

They’re essentially a chemical soup, riddled with polyester, adhesives, propylene glycol (PEG), and bleach, all of which have been linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness, and infertility.

With a simple swap to a menstrual cup and period panties, you can not only reduce your environmental effect but also save money and your body. Get one here.

Reusable breastfeeding pads

The maternity business is rife with single-use, disposable plastic items, but it’s important to remember that most of these items can be replaced with an eco-friendly, reusable, and long-lasting alternative.

Breastfeeding pads are a disposable product that can be replaced with far better reusable alternatives, such as cotton reusable nursing pads. Get some here.

Reusable tea bags

Did you know that several popular brands use microscopic plastic particles to seal their teabags? If you want to reduce waste, use loose-leaf tea and a strainer instead.

This not only improves the taste, but it is also much better for the environment. You can also find environmentally friendly tea bag solutions.

Before you grab the first box of tea bags you come across, look for companies that use biodegradable materials.

Bamboo paper towels

Bamboo paper towels

‘While paper towels are recyclable and washable dishcloths are a wonderful reusable alternative, bamboo paper towels could be the ideal eco-friendly compromise for you.

Bamboo is an extremely environmentally friendly material, owing to the fact that it is cultivated organically without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or irrigation, thus it benefits the environment while also saving you money. Get your hands on some here.

Loofah sponge

If you enjoy a good body scrub or are searching for a natural shower sponge, a natural loofah is for you! Loofahs, also known as luffas, are white sponges that are simply wonderful.

They are a great natural, vegan, and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sponges. Get one here.

Reusable Diapers

Reusable diapers are a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies that include plastic.

Washing and reusing your child’s cloth diapers will help reduce the vast amount of trash from diapers that end up in landfills, all while saving you a few pounds.

They’re super-comfortable, super-absorbent, and look great! What’s not to like? Get some here.

Reusable sanitary pads

Because they are single-use disposable, sanitary goods make for a significant portion of the plastic trash created each year. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Cotton sanitary pads can be washed and reused, reducing the production of tonnes of waste each year. A wise investment for your environmentally conscious journey. Get some here.

Countertop compost bin

Although not all discarded food can be composted, beginning to divert your plant-based kitchen scraps here instead of the trash can is a terrific eco-friendly adjustment to make at home.

Composting can offer nutrients to the soil by allowing food scraps to decompose biologically, as opposed to emitting methane gas when discarded food is disposed of in a landfill.

Get your own countertop compost bin here.

Silicone food storage bags

Your days of plastic food storage bags are up. These silicone sandwich bags, which come in a number of sizes, are ideal for packing sandwiches and snacks on the road.

We love this eco-friendly product because it is long-lasting and the bags are fully washable.

They’re wonderful for holding snacks and cold items, but they can even withstand high temperatures. Buy some here.

Bamboo dishcloths

Microfiber cloths are made of non-recyclable microplastics, and washing them in the washing machine may impact our water supply.

Fortunately, bamboo-fiber cloths are a much more environmentally friendly solution than microfiber towels or disposable cloths for cleaning surfaces and floors in your home.

These eco-friendly goods are not only constructed from the fast-growing, self-generating bamboo plant, but they are also long-lasting and can be easily washed after each use. Get some here.

Biodegradable confetti

Confetti brightens up any outdoor party, but choosing confetti made of flower petals is far better for the environment.

This biodegradable, environmentally friendly product is ideal for adding a splash of color. Get some here.

An epilator

In many ways, hair removal is a personal choice.

Switching to a hair-plucking epilator may not be for everyone because it requires some physical adjustment, but it has the primary advantage of being a waste-free alternative to disposable razor heads.

Reviewers praise this Braun rechargeable model for its convenience of use and the fact that its sensor technology makes it significantly less uncomfortable to use than other epilators.

Stainless steel containers

Everyone seems to end up with a kitchen cupboard full of plastic containers, but once they’re no longer usable and you’re looking for eco-friendly food containers, look into stainless steel ones.

They can typically be used safely in the freezer, and you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals from the plastic are contaminating your food.

There are a variety of eco-friendly food containers made from various materials available. Get some here.

Reusable coffee cup

Reusable coffee cup

It’s quite convenient to stroll into a cafe and walk out with a lovely hot coffee for your commute to work.

However, the vast majority of those coffee cups end up in the trash. Some coffee establishments will accept disposables, however, they are difficult to recycle, and the lids are frequently unrecyclable.

Purchase a reusable coffee cup and remember to keep it with you when you’re out and about. Many cafes will give you a discount if you bring your own cup, so it should pay for itself after a while.

Get your hands on one here.

Shampoo bars

There are a lot of companies that make shampoo bars now; some you’ll like, some you won’t.

Don’t give up; you’ll find something you like. Shampoo bars contain components that are more natural than those found in shampoo bottles.

Many shampoo bars are created from 100 percent organic ingredients, and some even come in a handy tin. Get some here.

Wooden nail brush

A wooden nail brush is one of those goods that should be simple to come by but aren’t.

When shopping for wooden nail brushes, avoid buying one with nylon bristles and instead choose one with natural bristles.

To extend the life of your natural nail brush, follow the directions on how to care for it, then just toss it in the compost. Buy one here.

Eco-friendly toothpaste

Almost all kinds of toothpaste are packaged in plastic tubes, and the ingredient list is sometimes alarming.

You can get toothpaste in metal tubes as an eco-friendly alternative, or you can choose Georganics toothpaste, toothpowder, or even toothpaste tablets, all of which come in plastic-free packaging.

You can get some here.

Biodegradable dog waste bags

Picking up your dog’s poop is required by law, therefore every dog owner may end up using a lot of plastic.

Always attempt to buy the biodegradable alternative wherever possible; nevertheless, be aware that if you dump your dog poo bags in with your household trash, they will end up in a landfill.

Get some biodegradable dog waste bags here.

Compostable picnic-ware

Let’s be honest: it’s not always possible to bring all of your usual utensils and tableware to the beach for a picnic.

Check out some wooden knives, forks, and spoons if you’re searching for picnic ware that’s a little more convenient and not disposable.

Be wary of ostensibly “eco-friendly” hardwood cutlery covered in plastic. Paper or wooden plates can also be purchased in place of plastic ones; however, keep an eye out for plastic packaging.

However, whenever possible, aim to use reusable things rather than single-use items. You can get your own here.

Eco-friendly clothing

Dressing in clothing made of recycled materials is one method to make your everyday life more eco-friendly.

Indeed, these clothes are becoming increasingly common as more and more manufacturers provide recycled plastic clothing.

But how can one make the transition from a plastic bottle to a garment? First, the garbage is crushed into petals before being blended with plastic bottles.

The mixture is then turned into a liquid mass, which is then weaved into yarn. The thread is then converted into the material that will be utilised to make the collection.

Plastic-free deodorant

One of the areas where consumers appear to be the least eager to jump straight to zero waste is deodorant. To be truthful, natural deodorant does not always get a favorable reputation.

However, with so many chemical-free deodorants available in compostable or recyclable aluminum packaging, you’re sure to discover one that makes you smell amazing. Get some here

Fabric dinner napkins

You will undoubtedly spill something at some point in your life. This is especially true if you live in a household with small children, where spills are unavoidable.

Rather than using an entire roll of paper towels every week or so, it is much better for the environment to have a pile of fabric napkins on hand for these occasions.

Fabric napkins are reusable and may typically be used for several years before they need to be replaced.

The number of resources necessary to gently wash a pile of cotton napkins every week is far less harmful to the environment than the resources and waste used to produce and consume single-use products. Get some here.

Natural cleaning products

Everyone wants to live in a clean house, which means that every household will normally require a cleaning inventory. 

Almost all cleaning products contain hazardous substances that are used to remove difficult stains and spills.

If you want to obtain a nice clean but also not harming the environment, it is worth investing in some natural cleaning products that only include eco-friendly materials, to begin with.

The brands Ecover and Method both sell great natural cleaning products in recycled and compostable packaging. 

Reusable Makeup remover pads

Reusable Makeup remover pads

Reusable makeup removal pads are biodegradable and can be recycled.

They’re composed of organic bamboo fibers and come with a high-quality little laundry bag to wash them before the next time you use them.

This reduces the amount of plastic waste that would normally be involved in your makeup removal routine. Get some reusable makeup remover pads here.

Sustainable laundry detergent

The detergents we use contribute significantly to environmental contamination in our homes. The majority of these contain a lot of chemicals that wind up in bodies of water.

Begin using natural detergents, like Method’s eco-friendly solutions for the home, which are produced from naturally derived, plant-based materials and have a hypoallergenic recipe.

In addition, the detergents are packaged in a recyclable bottle made entirely of PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials.

Water Filter Pitcher

When you run the tap to chill the water before drinking it, you waste a lot of water. Put your drinking water in a pitcher and keep it in the fridge to save water.

The Brita is a good starter option. It contains a filter core that removes pollutants including chlorine, copper, mercury, and cadmium.

This enhances the flavor and odor of tap water dramatically.

Wire clothes pegs

Plastic pegs are not only harmful to the environment, but they are also weak and often snap. When shopping for pegs to air dry your laundry, choose stainless steel pegs.

This solution is more expensive, but they last a lifetime and require only one purchase, making them one of the most valuable reusable products in your home.

These multi-purpose clips can be used to hand your garments, clip socks, lock bags, file papers, and so on. These metal clips are rust-proof, long-lasting, and reusable.

Energy-saving power switch

Did you know that even when your electronic devices are turned off, they continue to consume energy? They will continue to consume energy as long as they are hooked to a power source.

Use an energy-saving power switch to turn off all power to devices and appliances with the flip of a switch.

A power switch that saves energy is a terrific addition to your home. You don’t have to unhook cords from the wall when you have this handy tool.

It turns off the electricity with the flip of a switch. It has an illuminated easy-flip power button that indicates when power is on. You can get one here.

Insulating blanket

Older water heaters waste a lot of electricity due to standby heat loss. Cover the heater with a blanket to prevent heat loss and save energy.

You can save anywhere from 25% to 45 percent on energy and anywhere from 4% to 9% on water heating bills. Get an insulating blanket for your water heater for improved outcomes.

This product will save you up to 20% on your water heating energy expenses. It is simple to install and will work with most gas, oil, and electric hot water heaters. Get one here.

Sustainable makeup 

Many cosmetics on the market today include synthetic ingredients that are damaging to our skin. Fortunately, non-toxic cosmetics are becoming more popular.

There are no chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or genetically modified components in these. One of the leading all-natural makeup brands in the United States is 100 percent Pure.

The vegan cosmetics line is made with natural elements such as high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins, and essential oils.

Bamboo bedsheets

Bamboo sheets are breathable, odor-resistant, and temperature-regulating—pretty much everything you could want in a set of sheets! Bamboo can be harvested several times a year because of its rapid growth rate, and it utilizes significantly less water than cotton production.

Get your hands on some bamboo bed sheets here.

Kapok pillows

These fibers are derived from the seeds of Indonesian Kapok trees and are responsibly sourced without the use of polluting machinery.

These materials are combined with memory foam to provide a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience—and you’ll sleep better knowing that your pillow is healthy for the environment. You can get some here.

Sustainable stationery 

Sustainable stationery is usually composed of eco-friendly wood and is lead-free. These pencils are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from materials supplied from sustainable sources.

That is, for every tree harvested, another is planted.

You also get an inspiring message and a set of seeds with each pencil—just plant the stub in the ground and wait for fragrant herbs, lovely flowers, or fresh veggies to sprout.

Biodegradable dental floss

Biodegradable dental floss

Regular dental floss is usually made from plastic, which stays in the environment forever, constantly polluting waterways with microplastics and other harmful chemicals.

You can combat this by purchasing an all-natural dental floss that is fully compostable and biodegradable.

They’re often made from charcoal and bamboo fibers which are able to break down rapidly, making them good for the environment. You can get some here

Eco-friendly first aid kit

When trying to go plastic-free, it’s easy to overlook the contents of your first aid kit, as well as the container itself. Almost all regular first aid kits are made from plastic.

As well as this, conventional plasters contain microplastics and chemicals.

Also, a large number of the world’s population cannot safely wear common wound coverings, at least not without the risk of adverse reactions.

All-natural first aid kits packed with compostable and all-natural plasters and bandages are a great idea. You can get one here

Dish soap block

Most regular dishwashing liquid will come in a plastic bottle and contain an array of chemicals and parabens, some of which can be harmful to the environment.

This is where dish soap blocks come in. All-natural dish soap blocks are free from harmful chemical residue, dyes, surfactants, and artificial fragrances.

Moreover, some brands even make them palm-oil-free and use plastic-free packaging. You can get your hands on some all-natural dish soap blocks here.

Empty glass spray bottles

With a clean chemical free reusable mister for all your liquid sprays, you can save money, help the environment, and reduce plastic chemicals in your home.

Instead of buying a brand new bottle of cleaning product regularly, make the switch to glass bottles and make your own cleaning fluids.

Amber glass is a great option as it provides UV protection and protects against degradation from light, keeping your product safe. You can get some amber glass spray bottles here.

Zero waste caps

Getting the last drop from your lotion bottles can be frustrating and messy. zero waste caps are the solution to get the last bit out of your lotion bottles.

Stop banging, hitting, and shaking. Simply attach the zero waste cap onto your bottle and moisturize with ease. Works on most standard threaded bottlenecks.

They make sure that nothing goes to waste and will save you money in the long run. They’re also usually made from silicone, which is reusable and easily washable. You can get some here

Eco-friendly dishwashing tablets

Sustainable dishwashing tablets are typically made from a biodegradable, phosphate-free formula that is both non-toxic and certified fish-friendly.

This can’t be said for all conventional dishwashing tablets, as many supermarket brands include harmful chemicals.

You can get some that are made with renewable plant-based mineral ingredients and the packaging is often fully recyclable. We recommend these from Ecover, which is a great zero-waste brand. 

Solar-powered phone charger

These can make sure your phone never runs out of charge, no matter where you are in the world.

Solar-powered phone chargers are powered by sunlight, rather than electricity, so you won’t need to worry about rushing around to find a power supply when traveling.

Simply prop it in the sunlight and you’re good to go. These can come in a huge range of different sizes, colors, and styles.

Some even come equipped with other tools, such as torches, making them the perfect companion for camping trips or hiking days. You can get your own solar-powered phone charger here.

Organic hand sanitizer

With hand sanitizer being a must-have these days, we’re seeing a lot of those pesky plastic bottles, often containing harsh ingredients that leave your hands feeling dry.

Instead of buying another tiny bottle only for it to inevitably end up in a landfill, buy some organic hand sanitizer that is made from 100% all-natural ingredients.

It also often comes in biodegradable packaging. You can get your hands on some here.

Reusable mesh produce bags

At this point, the sight of those giant plastic bags in the produce aisle of the grocery store is nothing short of revolting.

Stock up on this set of nine mesh produce bags to keep all of your produce fresh and easily visible at the checkout counter – all while reducing your use of plastic.

You can get your own reusable mesh produce bags here.

Anti-plastic washing bag

With the simplest eco-friendly product exchange ever, you can prevent microplastic fibres from damaging the aquatic ecosystem.

Washing Bags are constructed of recycled polyamide fabric and are weaved to trap synthetic, non-biodegradable fibers that would otherwise be swept down the washing machine drain.

Anything that isn’t comprised entirely of cotton, linen, or bamboo fiber is an excellent option for putting in a wash bag.