Facts About How We Use and Waste Water

Water is not an unlimited resource. Wasting it is only going to deplete our resources further if we aren’t careful. There seems like there’s so much of it, I mean, we just turn on the tap, and out it comes, we see it endlessly lines up in plastic and glass bottles at Walmart. Sure;y there’s enough clean water to go around, right?

Wrong. Check out these facts about how we use and waste water and prepare for some shocks, but also some solutions to using less, and saving a surprising amount of money along the way.

As it turns out, a mere 1% of the water that we have in the world is fresh water that we can drink freely and safely.

Every drop of water that you drink is just a little bit less that’s living in fresh bodies of water.

The truth is though that most people don’t even look at the amount of water that they are wasting at home.

Unfortunately, if we keep using water the way that we are, our supply is going to dramatically go down soon.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to realize the danger that overconsumption of water causes for the planet. 

How we use and waste water

These are just a couple of facts about water wastage that you should keep in mind in order to encourage you to conserve more water.

  1. On average, Americans will use 3.9 trillion gallons of water every month. This equates to around 127,400 gallons of water each year for the standard American family. 
  2. In America, 110 million gallons of water are drunk every single day.
  3. 38 billion gallons of water are processed by public water suppliers, both for use in public and domestic spheres. 
  4. If you leave the water running while doing things like brushing your teeth, a massive 5 gallons of water can be lost.

In The House

  1. Water leaks in the home can account for a massive 10 gallons of water lost on average every day. Even just a dripping faucet in every single household can mean that there’s a water loss of 928 million gallons of water every day. If you didn’t already have an incentive to fix your water leaks, then this should be a sign.
  2. 27% of a household’s water usage is usually attributed to bathing and showering. They’re pretty much the biggest uses of water indoors in a domestic setting.
  3. 3 ½ gallons of water are used every time that you press the flush button on your toilet. As such, 6.8 billion gallons of water are used in American households and businesses just from flushing the toilet.
  4. The average shower consumes 37 gallons of water. You can save 15 gallons of that by putting the showerhead on low flow for a 10 minute shower.
  5. Your dishwasher is handy, but how much water is it using? A massive 9 to 12 gallons of water every time. Interestingly, 20 gallons of water are used to wash dishes by hand – maybe it is better to get a dishwasher after all! If you get a dishwasher that’s water efficient, it’ll use a mere 4 gallons per wash cycle.
  6. Your car uses up 150 gallons of water from just one wash. If you need to clean your car a lot, then just realize that you are using a lot of water in the process.
  7. The vast majority of front loading washing machines are designed to be efficient with both energy and water. As such, they only really use a little more than 20 gallons per load. Top loaders use a lot more – 40 gallons per load. That’s a pretty big difference! 

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Pools and Yards

  1. Around 60% of your water usage in your home is used just from maintaining your garden and lawn.
  2. You need around 22,000 gallons of water in order to fill a standard pool. In fact, hundreds of these gallons will simply evaporate every month. For this reason, it’s important to cover your pool when you aren’t using it.
  3. Garden hoses use just as much water as your entire household may use in a day. Make sure you don’t use it too often!

Making Food

  1. Just making one tomato will require thirteen gallons of water. Eight ounces of broccoli will need 19.5 gallons of water, and an almond will need around a gallon per nut in order to grow.
  2. Overpumping groundwater contributes to 10 percent of the world’s food production. This can require a lot of water – 3.3 acre feet for feeding one average family, to be precise.
  3. You need 90 gallons of water for just one serving of poultry. 
  4. A cup of coffee? Yeah, that’s 55 gallons of water for every cup. The vast majority of this water is wasted on simply growing the beans.

Extra Facts

These statistics are pretty startling. How about some more?

How much water will the average American individual consume every day?

From looking at some statistics on water usage, around 140 – 170 gallons of water are used every day by the standard American.

How much water do we waste every day?

On average, just one person will waste up to 30 gallons of water every day. And that’s just the average person – these numbers can be a lot higher or lower for certain people.

How much do we waste each year globally?

The U.S. The Geological Survey found that a whopping 1.7 trillion gallons are wasted every year.

How much is this costing you?

Good question. The average American spends close to $1000 a year on water bills. And that doesn’t inc; lude what we buy in bottles at the vending machine. It’s estimated, and this is worth taking note of, that we could each save close to $400 dollars of that $1k, just by using ENERGY STAR appliances and retrofitting with WaterSense labelled fixtures. that sounds good to me, but why don’t more people know about this?

If anything, spread the word, these are big savings, for us as consumers, and for us as a species!

Wrap Up

These facts are a startling representation of just how much water we are using. The solution?

Try to make efforts to cut down on our water usage. It’ll save the planet, and probably save us some money too! Together we can all evade a water crisis in the future. 

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