Cheapest Portable Solar Panels

DOKIO 160W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit

This DOKIO solar panel kit is a budget-friendly and efficient option for those needing a portable solution for their off-grid power needs.

✅ Lightweight and foldable for easy storage and transport
✅ Complete kit for setup, works right out of the box
✅ Efficient high-performance monocrystalline solar cell

✖️ No stand for optimal sunlight angle
✖️ Short cords for the controller
✖️ Not universally compatible with all power stations

We recently tried out the DOKIO 160W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit and found it relatively easy to set up and use.

At just 9 lbs, it’s one of the lighter options on the market, which made it quite convenient to carry around during our camping trip.

The foldable design ensures it takes up minimal space in our gear, while the high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells help maximize power output.

However, we did notice that there is no built-in stand, which would have made it simpler for us to angle the panel towards the sun for optimal charging.

This might be a minor issue for some users, but it’s worth considering if you’re planning to use it in different setups. Additionally, the cords connecting the panel to the controller are quite short, which might limit your placement options.

It’s also important to note that although the DOKIO solar panel kit is designed to work with most 12V batteries and power stations, it may not be compatible with every system out there. So, double-check your equipment before making a purchase.

Despite these drawbacks, the DOKIO 160W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit is still a solid choice for those looking for a cost-effective and lightweight portable solar power solution.

HQST 100W Portable Solar Panel

This affordable portable solar panel could be an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts or those wanting to power up their devices on the go.

✅ Impressive power output even in partial shade
✅ Compatible with a variety of solar generators
✅ Charges 3 USB devices and 1 DC-powered device simultaneously

✖️ Junction box not waterproof
✖️ Limited durability due to its lightweight design
✖️ Heavier than some competitor products

We recently tried out the HQST 100W Portable Solar Panel, which has some features that impressed us. It works great even when half of the panel is shaded!

Thanks to its upgraded parallel and series wiring design, this solar panel has a 23% conversion rate, which we found helpful while camping in areas with variable sunlight.

The high compatibility of this solar panel is another plus. It comes with a 4-in-1 solar cable that works with most solar generators, making it easy for us to charge our devices without needing additional adapters.

The built-in USB hub allows for charging 3 USB devices and 1 DC-powered device at the same time. We were able to charge our laptops, phones, and cameras without any issues.

Portability is essential, and this 100W foldable solar panel is lightweight and easy to carry. We didn’t mind the 7.7 lbs. weight as it was convenient to pack up and take along on our outdoor adventures.

The adjustable kickstand is also a great addition, helping maximize solar power capture. However, there are some cons to the product.

For example, the junction box isn’t waterproof, so we had to keep it dry during our use. Additionally, due to its lightweight design, the panel might have limited durability when compared to more rugged alternatives.

And while 7.7 lbs. may not be extremely heavy, there are lighter options available on the market.

Ultimately, the HQST 100W Portable Solar Panel offers significant benefits for those searching for a budget-friendly solar solution.

Its excellent shade performance and compatibility make it a versatile option for charging a wide range of devices. Just be prepared to keep the junction box dry and handle the panel with care to ensure its longevity.

Mathew, our founder and chief editor at BloomCentre, combines his passion for renewable energy, commitment to sustainable living, and his rich experience in the solar industry to provide reliable and insightful advice.