Cave Spring Cellars – Sustainable Celebration

Cave Spring Cellars – Sustainable Celebration

Cave Spring Cellars, a winery in the Niagara Region, is known for producing award-winning and exceptional wine. Thursday October 29th though, people gathered to celebrate a very different liquid being produced from their operations, wastewater. It was worth celebrating…

Cave Spring has installed a water management system that is the first of its kind for any winery in Canada. In fact, it’s the first in any food and beverage company in Canada. This new system was covered in a previous post; The Link.The BioGILL System

It was an “invite-only” crowd consisting of the key stakeholders that support the sustainable growth of Ontario’s wine industry. The “collective we” of organizations included: winery owners and winemakers, the LCBO (the largest buyer of wine in the world), the Wine Council of Ontario (WCO), the Grape Growers of Ontario (GGO), senior representatives from local and provincial governments, Niagara College, technology vendors, and equipment suppliers and consulting firms. All eager to see this new system in action.

The afternoon consisted of remarks from Cave Spring, WCO and BLOOM, followed by a detailed overview of the BioGill system and how it works, a tour of the new water management system, and, of course, a wine tasting. What was initially an hour-and-a-half event turned into a full afternoon as people stayed around to enjoy the company and conversations.

Speaker is Len Penechetti, President and founder of Cave Spring Cellars“I was excited to host this event because it brings attention to the strategic business importance of water… We want to show people what is possible through an innovative approach.” Len Pennachetti, President, Cave Spring Cellars.

“This is the culmination of over two years of investment of time and dollars to go from concept to demonstration to full-scale commercial installation. It shows what is really involved to bring a new innovation to market, and how so many organizations and individuals had to work together to make it happen.” Kevin Jones, President  & CEO, BLOOM.  It was truly a collaborative partnership between Cave Spring, Eco-Ethic, BLOOM and the Ontario government. This project can act as a blueprint for other sectors and companies as a way to “de-risk” solutions before making major investments, and as a model for governments interested in supporting economic growth and innovation.Image of Richard

“The Wine Council of Ontario and BLOOM have worked together to change the way wineries think about
water… to ensure wineries stay responsible and competitive.” Richard Linley, President, Wine Council of Ontario.

We would like to thank our partners for making this innovation a reality:

Cave Spring Cellars (

EcoEthic (


Wine Council of Ontario (

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