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The Best Zero Waste Dish Soap

We all know the feeling… the trashman’s here and you watch on, cringing at the plastic bottles spilling out of your garbage can. You’ve been trying to rid yourself of single-use plastics but can’t find an alternative to your favorite dish soap. But then you learn that 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute … Read More

Pact Clothing Review – Our Honest Opinion

Pact Clothing has been gathering momentum and receiving some great media attention recently as a modern sustainable brand. So we thought we’d check them out for ourselves. In modern-day America, people are finally starting to see the importance of caring for the planet and converting to a more sustainable and planet friendly lifestyle, however, organic … Read More

47 Eco-Friendly Stats To Blow Your Mind

47 Eco Friendly Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

By now, I hope you are all aware of just how important it is to make changes that lead to more sustainable living, and how even the smallest changes, made collectively can have a huge impact on the health of the planet and our personal wellbeing. With this in mind, we’ve listed some eco-friendly stats … Read More

16 Land Pollution Facts To Blow Your Mind!

Land Pollution 15 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

According to recent studies, toxic pollution affects over 200 million people worldwide, with the number increasing day by day. We all know things are getting worse. The climate crisis is becoming an active reality to more and more people on what seems like a daily basis. As we produce more, we waste more, and as … Read More

Facts About How We Use and Waste Water

A Few Facts About How We Use and Waste Water

Water is not an unlimited resource. Wasting it is only going to deplete our resources further if we aren’t careful. There seems like there’s so much of it, I mean, we just turn on the tap, and out it comes, we see it endlessly lines up in plastic and glass bottles at Walmart. Sure;y there’s … Read More

What Is Recyclable?

What Is Recyclable

Recycling is something that we are focusing on more as a society in order to better protect our planet, but there are lots of questions when it comes to thinking about what is recyclable and what is not. So we figured we better tackle the subject and give you some info on what is recyclable … Read More

What Is The Fast Fashion Industry?

What Is The Fast Fashion Industry And The Best Alternatives

Clothes buying used to be a once-in-a-while experience, occurring only a handful of times a year when the seasons changed or we outgrew the existing clothes we had. But this all changed approximately 20 years ago. Clothes have become less expensive, trend cycles have accelerated, and shopping has become a passion and encouraged as an … Read More

Stop Using Styrofoam Immediately

Why We Should Stop Using Styrofoam Immediately

Styrofoam has become an integral part of our lives. We use it for takeout containers, coffee cups, plates, bowls, and it is even used for building insulation! What you may not realize is that styrofoam is one of the biggest public health risks, and poses a massive threat to the environment and our planet.  Yep, … Read More

Facts About Sustainable Living

Things You Didn’t Know About Sustainable Living (Facts)

Today, more and more people are aware of the fact that how we live puts our planet under pressure, and we are at risk of completely destroying and depleting planet earth. Seas are rising, the air is getting harder and harsher to breathe and we are faced with choices that no generation of our species … Read More

Sustainable Or Unsustainable Explained

Sustainable Or Unsustainable -Do You Know The Difference

Sustainability is one of the most important conversations to be had when it comes to the environment, but the language around it can be difficult to grasp, and complicated to understand. There is a lot to sift through and we don’t all have the time. Here we look at sustainable or unsustainable explained in a … Read More