CASE STUDY: Small-to-Medium Sized Industrial Manufacturers

A regulatory driver becomes a business value opportunity


“For West-Tech to be the most modern and efficient anodizer requires that we constantly rethink, change and adapt. BLOOM gave us the opportunity to be pro-active with our approach to the Toxics Reduction Act requirements.”

Bob Ford, General Manager, West-Tech Finishing Inc.

When the Ontario government introduced the Toxics Reduction Act, the widely held view in the manufacturing community was that the new regulations would pose administrative and financial burden and provide no business value.

BLOOM challenged this status quo and positioned this new regulatory landscape as an opportunity for manufacturers to rethink their processes, and integrate the required accounting, planning and reporting procedures into their existing operations in a way that would provide business value for the company.


  • Designed and delivered a site-specific technical assistance program for manufacturers that provided business value while complying with the Toxics Reduction Act
  • Trained facility management and staff in the practices of pollution prevention and toxics reduction accounting and planning
  • Increased manufacturing executive and plant management awareness and understanding of the business benefits of toxics reduction
  • Transferred learnings to the manufacturing sector through client case studies with quantified benefits


  • Clear business case analyses of toxics reduction options
  • Reduction in business risk and costs
  • Process efficiencies by minimizing waste of input materials