Bluetti vs Ecoflow

Bluetti and Ecoflow are among the leading brands in the portable solar market. Deciding between one or the other can get complicated.

Both of them excel and possess numerous outstanding qualities. The main differences when it comes to Ecoflow vs Bluetti are:

  • Ecoflow has a larger product range
  • Bluetti is more eco-friendly for solar charging with its new sodium-ion batteries.
  • Ecoflow portable generators tend to have higher capacity and output.

Product Range Of Bluetti

Launched in 2019, Bluetti is a solar energy generating and storage company based in Las Vegas that has received positive feedback.

Many are concerned about the long-term availability of lithium, which they use to make lithium-ion batteries.

Because there are increasingly large battery packs for solar power systems and electric cars, Bluetti decided to introduce a sodium-ion solar generator. Bluetti claims that this solar generator is the first of its kind.

Even though sodium is heavier, it is 1000 times more common in the earth’s crust. Mining has fewer harmful environmental effects, like destroying the soil, polluting the air, and using too much water.

The sodium ion is also more eco-friendly because of these mining effects.

Bluetti’s NA300 solar generator works with its B480 battery pack. It uses sodium-ion technology, which isn’t widely available yet. However, this might change soon.

Bluetti makes and sells portable power stations, backup batteries, solar panels, and kits that include both panels and power stations. They also make the inverters and charge controllers in most of their power stations.

Even though PV panels make solar power, the company calls its power stations “solar generators,” which is confusing.

The term solar generator probably shows that you can use them instead of gas-powered generators.

Bluetti has an extensive range of power stations that range in battery capacity. Some models are 2048 watt-hours, like the Bluetti AC200 Max.

Like the charging capacity, every model has different prices. The charging capabilities are almost the same as most of the Bluetti models charge in about 3 hours.

🎓 Editors Note: Bluetti power stations are some of the fastest charging on the market, and they often beat their completion in this feature.

Some models also have wireless charging. They also charge via a wall outlet, solar panels, or car.

Bluetti guarantees range from 12 months to 60 months but does not cover nature-related accidents in its warranties. They also don’t include hurricanes, lightning strikes, stolen or lost products.

Product Range Of Ecoflow

Ecoflow makes solar-powered devices that can store electricity, and you can use them on the go.

The EcoFlow DELTA was the first high-end portable power station, allowing you to take power with you and charge your devices whenever you wanted.

EcoFlow’s power plants are the fastest in the world. The RIVER range charges from 0 to 80% in less than an hour or entirely in 96 minutes.

Like many similar brands, Ecoflow has many options when you shop for a power station. Their main models are the RIVER and DETLA.

They first set up Ecoflow in December 2016. After a successful Indiegogo campaign raised more than $1 million, they released their first product, the EcoFlow River Portable Power Station, in June 2017.

Ecoflow’s Delta can charge fully in 80 minutes. They have overall excellent charging capabilities.

Their battery banks also have excellent output and battery capacity. For example, the DELTA Max has a capacity of up to 6 kWh and can continue to expand with more smart batteries.

They are priced at a premium compared to other brands in the space, but they back this up with warranty ranges between 12 months and 10 years, depending on what you buy.

Ecoflow’s solar panels and accessories have more extended warranties than their power stations.

Comparison Of Bluetti And Ecoflow

While the brands might seem the same, they differ in some key areas. Small things that differ from model to model should be considered before you commit to buying. Here are some detailed side-by-side comparisons of popular models

Bluetti AC300 vs Ecoflow Delta Pro
Bluetti AC200max vs Ecoflow Delta Max

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Bluetti And Ecoflow

Every brand you buy will have its benefits and drawbacks, no matter what. Bluetti has some of the best ways to charge of all the power station brands.

They also produce some of the best batteries, typically able to handle more than 2,500 cycles thanks to their lithium batteries. Bluetti also uses pure sine wave inverters.

However, Bluetti hasn’t been around for long, so there are some who prefer more established brands. Other than that, it’s overall a great brand to choose for your power station.

Most Ecoflow models excel in fast charging and offer a plethora of ports for your convenience. For instance, the Ecoflow Delta 1300 boasts an impressive array of 13 outlets.

On the downside, some models have a short battery life due to using NMC battery chemistry. And they haven’t quite refined their fans to reach the levels of quietness that a Bleutti can achieve.

Frequently Asked

While you can leave your Bluetti power station plugged in, it’s best to cover them or close them up. The sun can still damage the system.

The bluetti range can charge over 3500 times before starting to give problems.

You can use and charge the system at the same time. However, the companies don’t recommend it as you can damage the battery life cycle.

When you combine solar panels with the Bluetti AC200 Max, you can run a fridge for between 3 and 7 hours.

While the lifespan of a battery is based on its type and maintenance, the Ecoflow Delta range can last for about 800 cycles.

You can store your power station anywhere if it doesn’t get wet and stays out of the sun when not in use. Cold temperates affect the battery’s capacity, so be sure the environment isn’t too cold.

The current you need to jumpstart a car is higher than that of an Ecoflow Delta, which is why you can’t jumpstart a vehicle with the power station.

Final Verdict

Ecoflow and Bluetti are similar in many ways. They make some of the best portable solar products on the market.

While other brands like Jackery are worthy of consideration, I believe that Bluetti and Ecoflow are leading the way.

Mathew, our founder and chief editor at BloomCentre, combines his passion for renewable energy, commitment to sustainable living, and his rich experience in the solar industry to provide reliable and insightful advice.