BLOOM Releases Case Study on Wastewater Management in Ontario’s Bakery Sector

BLOOM Releases Case Study on Wastewater Management in Ontario’s Bakery Sector

BLOOM released a pilot project case study today: Driving Adoption of Innovative Solutions in Ontario’s Bakery Sector – Demonstrating the Approach and Benefits of Source Reduction as Part of Wastewater Management’.

The pilot showed that a first step to improved wastewater management is a structured review of current practices and their impact.  By reducing wastewater volume and strength through practice improvements, any treatment solution that might still be required will be reduced in both size and cost.  It also allows a processor to consider more innovative solutions that might not have been feasible before implementation of the process improvements.

The case study is relevant for bakeries and other food and beverage processors that are just beginning to explore water, resource and wastewater management programs.  It is also useful for processors that are looking to improve their internal practices before exploring the idea of an on-site treatment solution.

BLOOM’s strategy in the food and beverage sector has been to undertake projects to assess and demonstrate a portfolio of complementary approaches and technologies, with the goal to demonstrate to food and beverage processors, cleantech solution providers, engineering consulting firms and government, that there are practical, affordable and proactive approaches to achieve improved on-site wastewater management.

For other BLOOM case studies on the Ins, Outs and In-Betweens of water and resource management in Ontario’s food and beverage sector, visit:

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This project is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

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