BLOOM and Earthshine Lay Out a Bold Vision and Approach to Support the Sustainable Growth of Ontario’s Craft Beer Industry

BLOOM and Earthshine Lay Out a Bold Vision and Approach to Support the Sustainable Growth of Ontario’s Craft Beer Industry

Ontario’s craft beer industry is already a major success story. It has grown rapidly and now boasts about 234 independent craft breweries operating in more than 110 communities across Ontario, with many more planning to ‘turn on the taps’ in the near future.

According to Kevin Jones, President and CEO, BLOOM, “Ontario’s craft beer story of success is a product of innovation, dedication and perspiration by many stakeholders, organizations and communities in the craft beer eco-system, all working with Ontario’s talented and entrepreneurial craft brewers”.

Ontario craft brewers generate thousands of direct jobs, accounting for almost 30 percent of all brewing industry jobs within the Province. In addition, thousands of indirect jobs have been created within supply industries such as agriculture and farming, packaging and distribution, equipment manufacturing and supply, restaurants and food service, and tourism.

With this success as a foundation to build upon, what is next for Ontario’s craft beer industry? BLOOM and Earthshine have collaborated to present an objective, yet practical vision that positions Ontario’s craft beer industry to ride the global craft beer phenomena wave and achieve a sustainable 20 percent market share by the year 2025.

“We were pleased to partner with BLOOM on developing the 20 by 25 vision”, said Michael Townsend, CEO, Earthshine. “Based on our research, we have found that some Ontario craft brewers are amongst the most sustainable breweries in the world, and it is already possible to see the development of a vibrant network of sustainable craft breweries emerging in Ontario”.

We need new models for sustainable growth and development in our economies. I love the industry-wide and transformative impact offered by the 20 by 25 vision: 20% market share is ambitious, and the ability to generate new jobs and positive social impacts, while working within planetary limits, is vital for future prosperity.” Paul Polman,
CEO, Unilever Inc.

Taking a holistic and eco-system approach is the hallmark of the 20 by 25 vision. According to Michael Fagan, Senior VP, BLOOM, there is an informal community of impacted stakeholders already in existence; the issue is the nature and strength of the inter-relationships. To realize this vision, this community will need to expand to the full spectrum of stakeholders and evolve into a more ‘formalized collaborative craft beer industry eco-system’ with one shared goal: the continued success of Ontario’s craft beer industry”.

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner with McKinsey & Company agrees, “Ontario’s craft beer industry is one with incredible potential and high aspirations. By building the necessary networks and eco-system for Ontario craft brewers, the industry is poised to reach its potential as a globally-recognised, sustainable industry contributing $3 billion annually in economic impact in Ontario by 2025.”

Achieving the 20 by 25 Vision would generate considerable benefits for local communities and the broader Ontario economy:

  • Create local, skilled jobs within craft breweries, their suppliers and the broader craft beer eco-system;
  • Enhance the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability performance of Ontario’s craft breweries to create more resilient and profitable enterprises that can deliver long-term shared prosperity;
  • Revitalize neighbourhoods and communities in urban cities and rural towns across Ontario to improve economic prospects, local tourism and lasting jobs;
  • Create international recognition and visibility of the ‘Sustainably Crafted in Ontario’ brand, resulting in additional tourism, investment and economic prosperity; and
  • Support broader public policy goals related to climate change and the transition to a low carbon and circular economy.

Scott Simmons, President of the Ontario Craft Brewers said, “Our Association is excited about the vision and opportunity provided in 20 by 25. We are at a pivotal point in the industry’s growth and the timing of this is perfect, as we are just finalizing our 10-year strategic plan and priorities for next fiscal year”.

“Our hope is that our 20 by 25 vision and the eco-system approach we have laid out will inspire and stimulate consultations amongst the key stakeholders, leading to collective action and real change and making Ontario a global leader in sustainable craft brewing”, said Kevin Jones.

Find out more and download the 20 by 25, Crafting the Future Papers.

For further information contact:

Kevin Jones, President & CEO
Tel: 905-842-1115 ext. 228

This project is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

BLOOM is a trusted go-to authority on environmentally sustainable industry practices that connect social responsibility with business success, to create vibrant and thriving industrial sector and communities across Ontario.

BLOOM has developed a practical, sector-based approach – including a deep expertise for integrating sustainability within the food and beverage sector – producing a range of materials, case studies, insights, and practical guidance for the benefit of the industry.

BLOOM is working with the Ontario Craft Brewers association and other eco-system stakeholders to improve the craft beer industry’s water, energy and resource management performance as part of a sustainable growth strategy.

Earthshine is an international business consultancy/think-tank focused on business and economic transformation, toward a sustainable and low carbon economy.

Earthshine was founded in 2006 by Mike Townsend, business and economic transformation leader, author, teacher, advisory board member and inspirational keynote speaker.

We focus on progress in four key dimensions: Sustainable business models and strategies, sustainable business leadership, systemic change, and business education. We are passionate about making a real difference – always with a strong focus on the holistic business case.

We have worked with a wide range of businesses, large and small, in all sectors of the economy, mainly in Europe, Scandinavia and North America, including: Aviva, BLOOM (Ontario), Copenhagen Business School, EY, IKEA, LoyaltyOne, Lund University, Malmö University, Myrtha Pools, Norsk Ombruk, Triodos Bank, and many others – including Paul Polman at Unilever.

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