59 Green Products For An Eco-Friendly Life

Zero-Waste Products – 59 Green Products For An Eco-Friendly Life

Did you know that it can take anywhere from 500 to 1000 years for plastic to begin degrading? That means that all the plastic that has ever been made thus far still exists in its entirety today.  When plastic finally begins to degrade, it just disintegrates into smaller and smaller hazardous fragments of itself. This … Read More

27 Ways To Start Reducing Waste Right Now!

Zero Waste Living 27 Ways To Start Reducing Waste Right Now!

We currently live in a society that is obsessed with overconsumption, which results in more waste and pollution, which in turn leads to even bigger concerns. Every year, we recycle more and more than the previous year; yet unfortunately, while we do so, we also produce more waste. Few individuals are on board to help … Read More

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner DIY Guide

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner DIY Guide

If you live somewhere where it gets hot during the summer season, then you will likely be used to looking for multiple different methods and ways of fighting the heat, especially when it spikes and becomes unbearable. Using air conditioners is the most common and popular method, as they are highly effective and truly a … Read More

10 Best Eco-Friendly Shampoos

10 Best Eco-Friendly Shampoos

For many of us, washing our hair has become an important part of our daily routine, especially during the early hours of the morning, when our hair is still recovering from a night’s worth of grease and oil. And although many of us may wash our hair without a care or worry in the world, … Read More

DIY Lithium Batteries: How To Build Your Own Battery Packs?

DIY Lithium Batteries – How To Build Your Own Battery Packs

Lithium batteries have become the most popular and power-efficient portable batteries for our electronics. The days have gone by where some AAA batteries will give you all the power you need. Modern electronics require more power and that means using more reactive elements, like lithium. Also called lithium-ion batteries, these are powerful batteries that can … Read More

The Ultimate List Of Where To Donate Toys

The Ultimate List Of Where To Donate Toys

Toys bring joy to the lives of children and even adults, however quite often the allure of certain toys gradually fades, especially as new toys are released and children start to grow up. As their interests change you may find that your child no longer plays with many of their favorite toys anymore, and this … Read More

How To Freeze Food Without Plastic


We’re all looking for ways to keep as much plastic out of our homes as possible. But, when it comes to freezing food, there’s often a trade-off between using plastic and keeping the food safe and free from freezer burn. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are actually lots of ways that … Read More