Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands in 2021

There’s an abundance of jewelry on the market, even the black market. But not an abundance of eco-friendly jewelry brands that are taking the world by storm!

In the world of jewelry, not all that is shiny is necessarily good. From those digging the diamonds to those selling them, it certainly can be a murky game. Here we will show you who we consider the best eco-friendly and sustainable, and stylish – a winning combo in our books.

Instead of contributing to unethical practices of sourcing materials, those who care for the environment need to find sustainable jewelry and completely guilt-free alternatives. But we don’t need to compromise on our style. And that’s the point.

Sustainable doesn’t mean recyclable. The point of sustainable jewelry isn’t to throw it away, but to be fair, the point of any jewelry isn’t to chuck it (unless you’ve had a blazing row with your partner. But those are special circumstances.) The point of sustainability is to use materials that can be sourced easily without negatively impacting the environment.

If these materials can be sourced for decades and decades without a negative impact, then they are sustainable. Sustainable jewelry also refers to the working conditions of the employees. 

It might seem like an impossible task to find a sustainable jewelry brand that uses locally sourced materials, but it’s not! Here are the best eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry brands currently on the market. 

Best Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Jewelry Brands

Gjenmi Fine Jewelry

Gjenmi Fine Jewelry is all about celebrating the power of femininity and the beauty of heirlooms with their stunning line of antique jewelry with a modern twist.

Made locally in Los Angeles, Gjenmi is a conflict-free business that uses locally sourced and high-quality materials including conflict-free stones and recycled gold. 

This jewelry brand offers an array of delicate jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. While some of their jewelry is fairly expensive, they are made of real recycled gold – which is both luxurious and sustainable!


Translating to “she works” in local Ugandan, Akola is both a sustainable and ethical jewelry brand that creates timeless African-inspired pieces of jewelry.

Akola hires female creatives and designers to make and manufacture each piece of Jewelry in Uganda with the mission of tackling unemployment and uplifting women. This in itself makes Akola sustainable in its practices.

As well as this, Akola strives to use locally sourced and sustainable materials alongside local techniques to make original pieces of jewelry. These materials include horn and bone from deceased animals, glass, metal, and raffia. 

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is all about selling jewelry made by small businesses and independent artisan groups who are all paid a fair trade living wage. With so many jewelry businesses not giving their employees the money they deserve, this practice is ethical and worthy of contributing to. 

Not only have Ten Thousand Villages provided sustainable employment to artisan groups in over 30 countries, but each piece of jewelry is made from local sustainable materials. Plus, their expansive range of products allows customers to wear culturally significant and handmade jewelry guilt-free. 

Smiling Rocks

It’s no secret that the sourcing of mined diamonds is highly unsustainable and impacts the environment. Smiling Rocks, however, have combated the issue of selling gorgeous diamond jewelry without contributing to the mining industry by creating lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t extracted from the ground, making them highly more sustainable and eco-friendly than real diamonds – plus they look and feel the exact same!

This brand offers a vast array of jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even engagement jewelry. Smiling Rocks also donates 10% of your purchase to a choice of beneficial charities. 


Nisolo is a unique jewelry brand that sells handmade pieces of jewelry from Kenya, Mexico, and Peru.

The key to this brand’s success is paying their employees 100% living wages and only using locally sourced and sustainable materials to avoid contributing to the fast fashion industry, one of the world’s biggest contributors to climate change.

Nisolo is very transparent about how they get their materials and what they pay their artisan groups. 

Nisolo produces minimalistic yet timeless stylish pieces of jewelry that can be worn in any occasion for an affordable price. Plus, they also sell a brilliant range of clothing, shoes, and accessories. 


Accompany is all about creating a new form of environmentally sustainable and culturally conscious capitalism.

This jewelry brand sells handcrafted jewelry from Indigenous communities to celebrate their vivid cultural heritage through locally sourced and natural materials, such as Colombian wood.

These artisan groups are paid well by Accompany, helping to support the livelihoods of vital Indigenous communities and thus preserving their culture.

The jewelry sold by Accompany is truly one of a kind – mixing modern trends with cultural significance. 

Bario Neal

With the aim of creating intricate and mesmerizing jewelry without contributing to the disastrous fashion and mining industries, Bario Neal makes stunning jewelry from recycled and repurposed metals.

Bario Neal also uses Fairmined metals, which are carefully extracted metals sourced from artisan miners who are provided with happy and healthy working conditions. 

This jewelry brand is mostly known for its expansive range of stunning rings that are perfect for proposals and weddings. There is no physical difference between Bario Neal stones and unsustainable mined diamonds, apart from the ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials. 

31 Bits

Creating high-quality and high-fashion jewelry, 31 Bits is a sustainable jewelry brand that sells handcrafted jewelry made by artisans in Uganda.

The owners of 31 Bits have formed a close relationship with the women who make their jewelry, providing them with happy and healthy working conditions, education, mentorships, healthcare, and more. A portion of every donation goes straight to these women. 


Based in Nashville, Tennessee, ABLE is dedicated to producing stylish and affordable jewelry made from biodegradable and compostable materials.

This doesn’t mean the jewelry isn’t long-lasting (they will only compost in certain conditions), it means the brand is conscious enough to use sustainable materials to prevent contributing to the fast fashion industry.

ABLE is also committed to complete transparency and accountability in their wages and working conditions of their employees. 

Starfish Project

Starfish Project is all about protecting and empowering vulnerable women by selling their gorgeous handcrafted jewelry in Asia. A portion of each purchase goes directly to shelters, employment, counseling, and aid to escape human trafficking.

It’s not just about making the jewelry – Starfish Project is committed to hiring vulnerable women to be photographers, managers, accountants, graphic designers, and more. 

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