Best Eco Friendly Diapers Reviewed And Compared

It’s no secret that being a parent to a newborn creates an alarming amount of waste. For those who are conscious about the environment, the idea of constantly throwing diapers away likely makes you squirm enough to want to find the best eco friendly diapers on the market.

The term “disposable” doesn’t mean biodegradable, which is why there are an estimated 20 billion diapers added to landfill waste every year. That’s pretty shocking, no matter how many diapers you’ve changed!

Luckily, brands have started to listen to parents’ concerns about the obvious damage disposable diapers are having on the environment. There are now various forms of eco friendly diapers available – from diapers made of sustainable plant-based materials to toxic-free and biodegradable. 

Here are the best eco friendly diapers reviewed and compared!

Best Eco Friendly Diapers Reviewed And Compared

Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Diapers

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The Danish diaper brand Bambo Nature is committed to producing eco friendly and gentle diapers for your young baby’s soft skin.

Gone are the days of lacing diapers with unnecessary perfumes, latex, and phthalates when you can simply buy non-toxic diapers that are also beneficial for the environment rather than harmful. 

These diapers are ultra absorbent for daytime and nighttime use, which both prevent leaks and moisture from pooling around your baby’s sensitive skin. Once full, the diapers come with a wetness indicator that changes colors when the diaper needs changing. Smart design.

For added comfort, the waistband is flexible and the leg cuffs are latex-free to allow for complete movement. 

Plus, these diapers are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council), which means that they are made from raw materials sourced from sustainable and managed forests. 


  • Good for sensitive skin – No latex or harsh chemicals to restrict movement or cause irritation
  • Eco friendly – Made from raw and sustainably sourced materials 
  • Ultra absorbent – Won’t leak or provide excessive moisture 


  • Runs wide – While marketed for 4-8 lb babies, these diapers run wide and might be spacious 

Andy Pandy Biodegradable Diapers

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If you’ve ever looked for biodegradable and eco friendly diapers, you’ve almost certainly come across Andy Pandy diapers.

One of the most trusted diaper brands, Andy Pandy is committed to producing high-quality bamboo diapers that are good for your baby and the environment.

Yup – these diapers are made of sustainable bamboo and are 87% biodegradable, which significantly reduces waste in landfills. 

The Andy Pandy diapers are free from harmful chemicals including latex, chlorine, and alcohol. They are ultra absorbent, holding twice as much liquid as a cotton alternative, and feature a hypoallergenic finish to prevent skin irritations.

Plus, with each purchase, Andy Pandy donates to the Eden Reforestation Project and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 


  • 87% biodegradable – Reduces diaper waste in landfills 
  • Sustainably sourced – Made from sustainable bamboo sourced in well-managed bamboo forests
  • Super absorbent – Absorbs twice as much liquid as cotton diapers 


  • Popularity – As Andy Pandy is so well known, there’s the risk of certain sizes going out of stock 

Earth + Eden Diapers 

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Interestingly, many diaper brands test their products on animals to see if their products are suitable for sensitive human skin. Earth + Eden’s diapers, however, are completely cruelty-free, which is eco friendly in itself.

These diapers are made of SFI-Certified sustainable materials (bamboo fluff and ECF cotton) and are free of all 26 allergens restricted by the EU amongst other chemicals. Plus, the diapers are produced in a zero-waste to landfill facility.

Not only are these non toxic diapers ethically and environmentally friendly, but they are gentle for your baby, too! Without the harsh chemicals and latex, babies are free to comfortably move around without getting sore. Plus, these diapers can hold up to 12 hours’ worth of leak-proof absorption – great for those long days out. 


  • Cruelty-free – No animals were harmed in the production of these diapers
  • No harsh chemicals – Free from latex, alcohol, perfume, and other harmful chemicals
  • Ultra absorption – Up to 12 hours of leak-free diaper wearing


  • Non-Biodegradable – While cruelty-free and sustainably made, these diapers aren’t biodegradable

ECO BOOM Bamboo Baby Diapers

[amazon fields=”B01N0SRG0P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

ECO BOOM’s diapers are ideal for active babies during the day. Made of a sustainable and comfortable bamboo fluff, these diapers are both environmentally and baby friendly, which is ideal for babies who like to crawl around.

Without latex leg cuffs, but with triple elasticity, these eco friendly diapers are stretchy (without being loose) to prevent skin irritations, chafing, and rashes. 

These diapers do not contain any harsh chemicals including alcohol, perfumes, chlorine, and phthalates.

Instead, the surface of the diapers is coated with a natural aloe vera finish to nourish the baby’s skin. This alongside the hypoallergenic materials allows for a soft diaper that is comfortable for active babies. 


  • Soft and gentle – Ideal for active babies as the soft material won’t cause skin irritation
  • Sustainable materials – Made of sustainable bamboo fluff from well-managed bamboo forests
  • No harsh chemicals – Great for babies with sensitive skin as this is also hypoallergenic


  • Not for overnight – Absorption is good but not good enough for overnight wearing, as it will need changing at least twice in a night

The Honest Company Baby Diapers

[amazon fields=”B07KGQRDLY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

The Honest Company is committed to producing high-performing, eco-friendly diapers, which is why they have invented a super-absorbent technology that can hold 17 times the weight of the diaper in liquid.

This is what makes these diapers so useful for daytime and nighttime use because you won’t need to change diapers so frequently.

The reason they are so absorbent is because of the super-soft liner made of plant-based sustainable materials – both eco friendly and comfortable, a winning combination!

The plant-based material is a sustainably harvested cellulose pulp that is sourced from well-managed forests.

This material does not go through any unnecessary chemical processes that include alcohol, chlorine, fragrances, and latex, making it both kind to your child and the environment.

The best thing about these diapers is that these diapers are thinner and lighter than other diapers without sacrificing the absorbing properties, which is ideal for producing less waste!

Plus, this product comes with durable and sustainable wipes!


  • Cloud-like – Made from super soft, sustainably sourced cellulose fluff pulp for a comfortable feel
  • Super absorbent – Holds up to 17 times the weight of the diaper in liquid
  • Light and thin – Produces less waste than other thicker diapers 


  • Price – Slightly more expensive than other diapers due to quality

Mum & You Nappychat Eco-Friendly Diapers

[amazon fields=”B07PX3W225″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

The Mum & You Nappychat diapers are designed with comfort and longevity in mind.

Made of chlorine-free wood pulp (from sustainable and PEFC-certified forests), these diapers have a cloud-like texture that can be used for up to 12 hours at a time. This makes these diapers ideal for overnight use and long day trips. 

These diapers are soft and delicate on a baby’s sensitive skin as they are free from chemicals, lotions, latex, and potions for a hypoallergenic diaper.

To add to the environmental benefit of the diaper material, the packaging is totally recyclable and made of 30% recycled materials – a great help in preventing and contributing to waste! Every little helps.

As an added bonus, these diapers are decorated with whimsical cartoon characters. While this might seem like a decorative touch for aesthetic purposes, parents can create stories and songs to do with these characters to create a positive relationship with what can sometimes be a stressful and difficult process, for parent and child!


  • Sustainably made – Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp from well-managed and certified forests
  • Good for overnight use – 12 hour absorption to prevent leaks and constant changes
  • Cute design – Whimsical and playful characters to make diaper time fun


  • Price – High-quality diapers means higher price point

Naty by Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Diapers

[amazon fields=”B00EQ27PL0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Naty by Nature Babycare is committed to making products that are beneficial for a baby’s health. Certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, these diapers are designed to prevent triggering or starting symptoms of asthma and allergies.

These diapers are also certified by AB Vincotte and made from sustainable materials sourced from renewable resources. Not only this, but these materials are biodegradable and won’t fill up landfills for years and years!

These diapers are free from phthalates, chlorine, latex, dyes, perfumes, and other harmful and unnecessary chemicals.

Plus, the film of the diapers is made from organic corn-based materials that are free from genetically modified materials. These diapers are ideal for little ones with sensitive skin and breathing issues!


  • Good for health – Certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, making these ideal for babies with skin and breathing issues 
  • Sustainable – Made from corn-based materials from renewable resources
  • Biodegradable – Won’t fill up landfills like traditional diapers


  • Delicate tabs – Without a gentle hand, you might accidentally rip off the tabs

Will & Fox Reusable Swim Diapers

[amazon fields=”B07QKF2GBL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

As I mentioned earlier, diapers are one of the biggest contributors to landfills (with an estimated 20 billion landing in landfills every year), making traditional disposable diapers not environmentally friendly at all.

Will & Fox, however, are committed to making reusable eco friendly diapers to prevent contributing to this horrific landfill figure without compromising the benefits of their product!

These reusable diapers are designed for swimming toddlers between the ages of 3 months and 3 years.

Made of a waterproof polyester, they can be simply washed and reused again, saving hundreds of dollars on buying new swimming diapers. The swim diapers are comfortable, too, made of soft silk and polyester with a mesh lining to prevent chafing and rashes. 


  • Reusable – Stop buying disposable swim diapers, as these can be washed and reused for years 
  • Comfortable – Made of soft polyester and silk materials to prevent irritation
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Lots of designs to choose from


  • Swim only – Not for everyday use 

Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers

[amazon fields=”B07D4FM1DS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If the Will & Fox reusable diapers are only suitable for swimming, then these Simple Being reusable diapers are ideal for everyday use!

As the biggest downfall of traditional disposable diapers is that they fill up landfills every year without degrading, reusable diapers are highly eco friendly. Instead of throwing them out, all you have to do is wash and dry them to use them again and again! 

Not only do these adorable diapers come in many cool designs, they are also super comfortable to wear. Fitted with inner-leg gussets and made of high-quality cotton, these diapers are as soft as they are leak-proof. 


  • Reusable – Easy to wash (especially with included wash bag) to reuse again and again
  • Long-lasting – Made of high-quality cotton fabrics to last for months or years
  • Adorable – Array of designs to choose from


  • Not entirely reusable – You will have to buy disposable diaper liners


So, there you have it! It’s clear that disposable diapers have a negative impact on the environment, which is why it is so important to make the changes we can.

Whether it’s purchasing biodegradable diapers or diapers made from sustainable materials, your purchase is helping to contribute to improving the environment.

The best part? You don’t have to compromise your baby’s health and comfort by opting for one of the best eco friendly diapers on the market today.

Of course, it’s all a matter of trial and error, because some diapers might not work for you and your baby. Still, you’ve got to start somewhere, and fortunately, the nappy phase doesn’t last forever!

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