15 Organic Baby Clothes Brands – 2022

It’s only natural that you want what is best for your baby. Whether you are a first time parent or have your own mini tribe, choosing what clothes are best for your little ones health and wellbeing is important to you. 

You want your baby to look cute and be comfortable and safe. You also want chemical-free material touching their skin, and at the same time to not add to environmental damage.

Achieving all of this can feel impossible, especially with a newborn in hand! Our list of best organic baby clothes brands should point you in the right direction!

The Problem With Synthetic Clothes

Most of us are probably unaware that a lot of the materials in our clothes are causing huge amounts of plastic waste. Sounds odd doesn’t it?

But the reality is that clothing, bed linen, basically anything that goes in the washing machine is releasing huge amounts of toxic waste into the rivers, lakes and oceans. I know, right?

Basically, anything containing nylon, polyester and other plastic fibres are shed during the washing cycle. Our washing machines are cleaning our clothes, but one wash can release up to 17 million plastic microfibres into the water systems of the planet.

This means we are probably eating our own plastic as it makes its way into the water systems that feed the crops we eat and the animals that graze on them.

There are ways to deal with this problem, at least on a personal level. You can choose to fit a filter to your washing machine that will filter out the plastic waste and stop anything nasty leaving through your water system.

The Good News For The Baby Clothes Market

The baby clothes market is quickly changing and adapting to the demands of the market and the planet. Organic cotton can be both sustainable in how it’s produced, but also it doesn’t have to end in landfills.

Babies get through clothes quickly. It seems every time you look they need an upgrade. Please, in the same way as you pas on used toys, pass on used baby clothes so they don’t go to waste!

The great thing with organic cotton is it can be composed and find its way back into the biodiverse cycle of the earth.

Finding clothes that are good for your little one and the environment is becoming easier and easier but we aren’t quite there yet, so hopefully, this handy list of the best organic baby clothes brands will be a helping hand. 

Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands Reviewed And Compared

Parade Organics

Parada Organics provide an adorable set of clothes based around adventure and fun. The majority of their products use bold colors and feature environmental designs. Their range includes rompers, kimono gowns, sleepsacs, wrap onesies and a whole bunch of other creative organic products to meet your child’s needs.

One of their main aims is to provide soft and comforting clothing for your little one. They achieve this by making sure that their products meet the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS), this means that you can sleep easy knowing that your baby’s clothes really are as organic as they claim to be.

In the majority of cases, their products reach this standard by using 100% organic cotton.  

Finn + Emma 

Finn + Emma’s range is cute and classic. It is somewhat traditional in style and features lots of whites and calming colors as well as natural imagery such as plants and animals. This brand can cater to most of your baby’s wardrobe needs and includes tops, vest and sleepsuits. 

Finn + Emma are keen to stand out from the crowd and claim to be different for four main reasons, these are: the products are organic and safe, they have good heirloom quality, they are socially responsible, and their products are whimsical and unique. 


Pact is one brand that you may have already heard of. They are a household name that not only provide clothes for babies but also for adults.

Their baby range is relatively plain and centres around vests. Pact are more about health and comfort than style but they definitely meet their purpose. Their clothes are all fairtrade and meet GOTS certification. 

Under The Nile

This brand is absolutely adorable and provides a wide range of products and styles. They provide hats, bibs, sleepsuits and more.

Some of our favourite products are in the Veggie Collection because what could be better than making your baby look like a tiny carrot, this collection provides a whole outfit based around a certain vegetable and a cute little hat to top it off. 

Under The Nile use Organic Egyptian Cotton which is sustainable and fair trade meaning not only are you protecting your baby but you’re also protecting the farmers as well!

Burt’s Bees Baby

This brand captures a beautiful amount of traditional style with a twist of modern fun. The clothes predominantly use colors associated with babies such as light pinks, blues and greys however they also provide an element of fun with funky patterns and designs. 

This brand once again uses 100% organic cotton which is good for your baby and the environment as it is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or dangerous fertilizers. 


Owlivia is a classic and natural looking brand which consists of lots of whites and block colors. It also features lots of cute animals such as penguins and bunny rabbits.

Owlivia covers most of your baby’s clothing needs from rompers to pants to hats. If you’re looking for a gift it may be useful to note that they also make some super cute gift sets. 

This brand pride themselves on being organic and pure in order to care for both your baby and the world which surrounds them. Their products aim to be super soft to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. 

Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby is quite a specific brand designed around helping your baby to get the best and safest sleep possible. They sell bundlers, zipper rompers and sleeping bags amongst other things. Their zipper rompers are made from 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex as are their bundlers. 

Wink & Blink

Wink & Blink have some beautifully bright baby clothes as well as some more reserved clothing items for your little ones. They provide bodysuits, tops, bottoms and many more products. 

They have achieved GOTS certification, use 100% organic cotton and pride themselves on being environmentally friendly.

Touched By Nature

Touched By Nature provide hundreds of different designs of baby clothes including all in ones, pants, socks and much more. They provide comfy and cute clothes for your little ones.

The only downside is despite the main product itself being made of 100% organic cotton the attached decorations are not. 

O2 Baby 

O2 Baby provide mainly block color baby clothes with the exception of some exciting characters. They predominantly use 100% organic cotton in their products and they also pride themselves on being super soft for the benefit of your baby’s skin. 

Honest Baby 

Honest Baby provide a wide variety of clothing from newborn to toddler sizes. Their products come in numerous colors. They even have their own little rainbow shop dedicated to bright colors and rainbow stripes!

They are such a fun company to shop with and are bound to have a product that you will fall in love with.

In terms of being environmentally friendly and good for your baby they use 100% organic cotton and they are certified by GOTS meaning that they meet all of their high standards. 

Makemake Organics 

Makemake Organics products are designed by mums, this means that they are designed with both parents and babies in mind. This is a unique brand that uses a variety of natural and organic fabrics and materials. All of their products are high quality and sustainable. 

Another benefit of this brand is that their clothes are super cute and reflect childhood innocence beautifully. 

Organic Boom

Organic Boom create beautiful light coloured clothing for your little one. They have a vast array of adorable outfits available to choose from including cute all in ones and two piece sets. Once again they use 100% organic cotton in their products.  


Pureborn’s products range from festive Santa outfits through to dresses printed with cartoon animals. Their clothing could really help to evoke your baby’s imagination as well as support their health.

However, it is important to note that not all of their products are GOTS certified or 100% organic so it is important to read each individual product’s description when it comes to this brand. 

Lamaze Organic 

Lamaze Organic is an extremely impressive brand as not only do they use 100% organic cotton and have GOTS certification but they also go that extra mile for your baby by adding extra little things like tagless labels for extra comfort and less irritation. 

Final Thoughts

Organic baby clothes are becoming easier and easier to find as it is something that many people now seek to have for their child. Knowing which brands claiming to be organic you can trust is a much harder task.

One key thing to look out for is GOTS certification, chances are if you see that little logo then this brand deserves a big thumbs up. It is also important to read each individual product description in detail so that you can be aware of exactly what went into the making of that specific item.

Finally, it is important that you are happy with the product’s aesthetic value, after all no one wants to be dressing their child in clothes that they hate.

Overall, if you can find clothes that are trusted to be environmentally friendly, good for your child’s health and super cute then you are on to a winner. 

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