14 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands For Today

When you are trying to live a more eco friendly life, there are many changes you can make and some are clearly more obvious than others. Reducing single use plastic, using less water, and looking at how much we waste are things we can tackle right now. But even the chairs we sit on can have a bad rep with the environment. So we’ve put together a list of the 14 best sustainable furniture brands for today,

Of course, the first question to ask is do you need new furniture at all? And even then, do you have to purchase something new? But for most of us, there will come a time when we need to change things up, and it’s not surprising that sustainable furniture is going to be a fundamental part of living an eco friendly lifestyle.

Where to buy sustainable furniture to ensure it fits with ecologically sound practices can be a bit of a headache. Buying furniture from the wrong company could mean that you end up contributing to deforestation, air pollution, and the exploitation of workers. We explain what each company is doing to increase their sustainability and decrease their carbon footprint, and why you should consider purchasing your furniture from them. 

Best Sustainable Furniture Brands

West Elm

West Elm offers a wide range of products for your home and is always striving to become a greener and more environmentally friendly company. Their products are fairtrade certified and all of their cotton and linen is 100% organic.

More than half of the wood they use for their furniture is sustainably sourced, and they are working to improve this. They also use recycled polyester in some of their products to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfills. 

West Elm also provides their customers with the opportunity to recycle by accepting their old electrical appliances that would otherwise have gone to landfills. These items can then be repaired, recycled, or stripped for parts.

Whilst they are not yet fully sustainable, they are making an effort to work towards sustainability and will continue to improve. 


Medley aims to provide their customers with premium, eco friendly products and to avoid mass produced items that will ultimately end up in landfills. They use sustainably sourced FSC certified wood and bamboo to create their furniture, and cruelty-free eco wool.

They actively avoid the use of toxic materials and chemicals and stick to organic, natural products wherever possible. This means you can buy their products safely in the knowledge that you are not contributing to deforestation or bringing harmful materials into your home. We think Medley is one of the best sustainable furniture brands and super stylish too!


Joybird is an online only furniture company that provides handcrafted signature pieces inspired by 1960s and 1950s home decor. They are partnered with ‘One Tree Planted’ to actively support reforestation and have also contributed to smaller reforestation projects across the United States. 

The Joybird workshop in Mexico provides good working conditions and fair wages to their employees. This means that you can enjoy the furniture knowing that the people who made it have been treated well, which should be a human right. 

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is a larger company that has over 100 stores spread over 9 countries. Despite their size, they are committed to being an eco friendly sustainable furniture brand.

For over 50 years they have been sourcing their goods from all over the world, liaising directly with the artisans to ensure fair treatment and sustainably sourced materials. 

All of their products are sustainably sourced, and they have even found environmentally friendly alternatives to many fabrics and upholstery which produce less air pollution. It’s often in detailed care like this that a large impact can be made, especially with a company of this size.

All of their wood is FSC gold standard and their packaging is recyclable and does not use any single use plastic, which as you know is at the top of the list of changes that consumers and manufacturers must make.

This is a great example of a big company making an effort to reduce its impact on the environment and help consumers make better choices. 


VivaTerra has offered a wide range of furniture and home decor products since they started up in 2004.

The name ‘VivaTerra’ means ‘living earth’ and it was inspired by their commitment to working in harmony with nature, taking seriously its role sustainable brand. They are passionate about being a ‘green’ company and take many steps to ensure that they do not have a negative impact on the environment. 

All of their wooden furniture is made from reclaimed, recycled, or sustainably sourced wood. They also use recycled glass and salvaged metal in their pieces. This reduces waste and sends fewer materials to landfills.

They also support fair trade organizations across the globe to ensure healthy working conditions, fair wages, and sustainable communities. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that these products are ethical and environmentally friendly, not just the products they produce, but the commendable holistic approach they take to being responsibly ‘green’ and ethical in its practice. What a great example for us all! 


Inmod began in 2003 and since then they have been working to provide modern, American made brand we like very much. It’s not just furniture they make, but also lighting and decor. They have a super stylish approach to design and it’s pretty easy to find sustainable furniture to suit most places, even offices and kids spaces.

They focus on using sustainable materials for their products including sustainable wood, bamboo, and upholstery. Their unique designs will look great in your home as well as being an eco-friendly choice. 

The Citizenry

The Citizenry are committed to forming good relationships with artisans all over the globe in order to provide ethically sourced furniture and home decor to their customers. Each artisan uses local, sustainable products and is paid fairly for their work.

As a result, the pieces are unique and handcrafted rather than mass produced. This reduces air pollution and is much better for the environment. 

ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They are committed to being a cruelty free company, with no humans or animals being harmed or mistreated for the production of their products. 

The products they offer are handcrafted and sourced sustainably, and many pieces include an element of recycling or upcycling. With sustainably sourced timber, non toxic and cruelty free beauty products, and fairtrade-certified rugs and linens, it is a fantastic company to purchase from. 


Avocado specializes in eco-friendly bed frames and mattresses and its mission is to become one of the most sustainable brands on the market. Not only are their mattresses organic and nontoxic, but their factories and workshops are powered by renewable energy.

They are part of ‘1% for the planet’ which means they donate 1% of their profits to environmental non-profit organizations. 

100% of their wood is FSC certified for sustainability and they have been certified as a climate neutral company. This company clearly prioritizes the planet over profits which means you can shop with them without straying from your eco-friendly values. 


Chairish is a unique company that focuses on sustainability. Over 85% of their inventory is vintage items, which means you are giving a piece of furniture a new lease of life and reducing waste. They work with over 12000 small businesses, promoting individuality and avoiding mass production.

This unusual business model makes them a great choice for sustainable furniture that will add a touch of vintage style to your home whilst being good for the environment. 

Vermont Wood Studios

Vermont Wood Studios have made it their mission to create a large selection of beautifully crafted, eco-friendly furniture. They started the company because they wanted to do their bit to stop deforestation, and so far they have planted more than 60,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest. 

Vermont Wood Studios harvest the wood for their own products from well managed North American Forests that are sustainable.

To reduce waste in their workshops, wood chips are used as a heating source and any sawdust is given to local farmers. Some of their workshops have installed solar panels and others use reclaimed wood- each workshop has their own way to be sustainable. 

This home grown company is always finding new ways to ensure their products are sustainable and the company is eco-friendly, making them an excellent choice. 


Burrow build their furniture to last in order to reduce the amount of furniture that goes to landfill. They also provide 100% recyclable packaging, and are committed to using sustainably sourced materials. Their designs will compliment your home whilst fitting in with your eco friendly ethos. 


Ecobalanza focuses on making eco-friendly sofas from sustainably sourced hypoallergenic materials. All of their pieces are organic and non-toxic. They work exclusively with ethical providers to ensure that the materials they source have a minimal impact on the environment.

They have multiple certifications including FSC, Greenguard, GOLS, USDA, GOTS, and Carbon Neutralized. They clearly go to great efforts to ensure they are an environmentally friendly company. 


Thuma is a company that specializes in bedroom furniture, with simple and sophisticated designs. Their products are Greenguard certified and Thuma works with ‘One Tree Planted’ to support reforestation.

Their wood is sustainably sourced, upcycled and repurposed from rubberwood plantations, making use of trees that have reached the end of their latex-producing lifespans and would otherwise be discarded. This is an excellent way to ensure that their products are sustainable.

They do not use any styrofoam in their packaging to reduce waste, as there is already a lot of styrofoam in landfills.

They work directly with the factories to ensure safe working environments and fair wages, so you can feel comfortable that the furniture is ethical as well as eco-friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to buy sustainable furniture?

There are many reasons to buy sustainable furniture. One of the main reasons is that non-sustainable furniture contributes to deforestation which is a very big issue. Up to 48 pounds of CO2 is absorbed by a mature tree every year, so chopping them down increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihoods, and deforestation destroys the homes of indeginous people. 80,000 acres of forests disappear from the Earth every day and 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation.

28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next 25 years due to deforestation, as it destroys habitats of wildlife.

Deforestation comes in many forms, including fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable logging for timber, and degradation due to climate change.

How do you know if a company is sustainable or not?

Most companies display their certifications on their website, often along the very bottom of the web page.

Look out for certifications like FSC which means the wood is sustainably sourced, Fatitrade which means the product is ethical, cruelty free which means no animals were harmed, or GOLs and GOTS which means the fabric used is sustainable.

In the ‘About’ section of the website, there will also be information on any environmental causes or charities that the company supports, and what projects they have been involved in.

If in doubt, look for second hand furniture or buy from small businesses. Avoid mass produced furniture as this is unlikely to be sustainable and the factories produce a lot of air pollution.

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