10 Best Eco-Conscious Reusable Coffee Cups

If you have cleaned out your car recently, you’ve possibly found more junk than you’d like, and far too many coffee cups, all with seemingly different recycling needs. It’s frustrating, but fortunately unnecessary, as we’ve selected the 10 best eco-conscious reusable coffee cups to suit every style and need, and to make that car clean a little easier for you, and for the planet.

What are Reusable Coffee Cups Anyway?

In the past, travel mugs have often been clunky, ugly, and impractical. Modern engineering has resulted in the successful outsourcing of sustainable materials such as stainless steel and ceramic which help insulate your coffee against changing temperatures as well as guaranteeing durability.

Modern travel mugs can be both stylish, ergonomic, and environmentally friendly.

Made from recyclable materials such as BPA-free plastic, glass, and bamboo, a reusable coffee cup helps the environment while still guaranteeing a caffeine kick for your workday. Plus, reusable coffee cups keep your coffee hotter for longer, or colder if you prefer it iced.

Does Using a Reusable Coffee Mug Really Make a Difference?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, reported that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Think about that for a minute. It’s not only embarrassing, it is just really, really sad. More plastic in the sea than fish, in less than 20 years. It’s certainly a staggering statistic.

Starbucks alone use over 8000 paper cups a minute. These single-use ‘paper’ cups are made out of 1.6 million trees, and lined with plastic, meaning they are essentially non-recyclable. Despite what they say, and despite where they are sent, most Starbucks paper cups end up in the trash and landfills.

The single-use paper cups are also killing us, as when filled with hot liquids like coffee and hot chocolate, the styrene can leach from the plastic into the drink and has been linked to disease as serious as cancer.

Join the Refill Movement!

In 2019 the plastic pollution campaign group City to Sea announced that the refill movement, which focuses on getting free refills for those with reusable mugs and bottles, is now working with high-street and independent baristas to ensure that your decision to choose eco-conscious products is rewarded with free refills.

So not only does the reusable coffee mug save you space and time, but it can also save you money. Now you can declutter your life, benefit your heal and your wallet, whilst contributing to the health of the planet

So now, next time you roll up to the Starbucks drive-through you will be met with a resounding cheer for environmental activism as well as a free refill on your morning cup of Joe. That sounds good to me.

Our Selected 10 Best Eco-Conscious Reusable Coffee Cups

Here’s a guide for the best eco-conscious reusable coffee cups on the market, so you can get back to work, travel, and enjoy the natural environment around us with a guilt-free conscience.

KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup

KeepCup Brew Cork, Reusable Glass Cup, Large 16oz | 454ml, Black

The KeepCup is one of the most popular reusable coffee cups out there.

This reusable mug is in high demand from baristas and eco-conscious citizens alike, not only for its sleek style but also its design which keeps the barista in mind, making their life easier as well as yours. Made with an inner slope the KeepCup allows baristas to still create amazing latte art.

The glass material is made with durability in mind as well as being easy to clean for both the barista and customer. Don’t fear – the glass is durable and shatterproof as well as being sustainably sourced and a welcome alternative to plastic and cardboard.

Miir Insulated 12oz Camp Cup

MiiR, Insulated Camp Cup for Coffee or Tea in the Office or Camping, Home, 12 Oz

Miir’s reusable coffee cup stands out on the market for its ergonomic design. Most reusable coffee cups don’t have a handle while Miir’s does, so that is an advantage for the on-the-go drinker.

Its insulation and matte finish mean your coffee will stay hot while the insulation stops the exterior of your mug from getting so hot it burns your hands.

The mug comes in 7 color variations meaning you can still express your own style without sacrificing eco-friendly materials or style. The press-fit lid is designed to retain heat while also stopping frustrating spillage issues.

The mug is engineered for camping and outdoor use so it can stay durable and last a lifetime. Check Latest Price

Hills And Valleys Reusable Coffee Cup

Hills & Valleys | Reusable Coffee Cups | Eco Travel Mug with Lanyard | Made with Rice Husks | Double Walled Insulation | Easy Handling | On The Go - Take Away Mugs | 100% Recyclable - 450ml

Sustainably made from a biodegradable rice husk, this mug is easy on the planet and perfect for the eco coffee drinker as these rice husks would be burned rather than used.

Hills and Valleys’ use of rice husks paves the way for other companies to focus on reusing old materials rather than simply opting for BPA plastic, this ensures we reuse materials rather than simply creating more.

The mug’s main feature is a lanyard attached to the mug which makes travel easy and safe while on the go. Its insulation in addition to its pop open and close lever makes drinking safe, easy, and convenient.

The mug design is ergonomic with a ‘nose dome’ area to make drinking easy and unimpeded by bad design choices.Check Latest Price

Dodoko’s Reusable Boba Cup

Reusable Boba Cup with Resealable Lid Plug - 17 Oz Double Wall Insulated | Smoothie Tumbler | Wide Stainless Steel Straw For Bubble Tea, Boba Pearls - White

While coffee is America’s favorite hot beverage, we shouldn’t overlook the growing popularity of Boba Tea. Boba Tea, like coffee, is also often served in plastic cups which cause the same environmental issues as cardboard coffee cups.

Dodoko’s reusable boba cup not only is a reusable cup but also comes with a detachable and reusable metal straw! The straw and screw-on lid have a specifically wide design made bespoke for boba so you don’t have to spend hours sucking boba balls through a straw that’s too small.

The cup is BPA free and its reusable straw is also telescopically collapsible and made from stainless steel, affording you two reusable products in one.

Stojo’s Collapsible Pocket Coffee Cup

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup | Reusable To Go Large Pocket Size Travel Cup – Carbon, 16oz / 470ml | With Straw

Sip, stow, and go, with Stojo’s collapsible coffee cup and straw. When you have finished your coffee, simply collapse and store the coffee cup – when collapsed it’s small enough to fit in your pocket!

Its silicone material choice means it is indestructible, lasts a lifetime, and guarantees no BPAs, leads, dyes, or glues were used in its manufacture.

Its cups come in two sizes, 12oz and 16oz, and a variety of colors and designs. Stojo’s collapsible engineering sets them apart from their competitors and solves storage problems that often come with reusable mugs.

Kinto Travel Tumbler

TRAVEL TUMBLER - Insulated Bottle (White, Large)

The Kinto Travel Tumbler is one of the sleekest and most aesthetically pleasing travel mugs out there with its modern and minimal take on the coffee flask- it’s one to check out if your style is important.

Its screw-top lid means you can throw this in your purse or bag without fear of leakage. Its insulative design means that drinks can stay hot or cold for up to six hours. This travel tumbler comes in 12oz and 16oz sizes.

The tumbler is made from polypropylene, stainless steel, and silicone guaranteeing BPA-free materials and an eco-friendly design. Customers guarantee its sleek design doesn’t chip or wear over time and use.

Frank Green’s Ceramic Reusable Coffee Cup

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup with Push Button Lid, 340 ml (12oz) Capacity, Sailor Blue

For those who prefer the hand feel of the traditional ceramic mug, this coffee cup combines modern engineering with traditional style. Triple walled insulation keeps drinks hot for hours, and the drinking spout is optimized for liquid flow to reduce spills.

The one-handed push lid is ergonomic and convenient, while the mug is designed to fit universal cup holders and still be favorable to the barista. 

Frank Green guarantees that just 15 uses of its mug will nullify the environmental impact of its manufacture. Its modern design stands out in the office and offers multiple color variations when purchasing.

Betterbrew Travel French Press Coffee Maker

Betterbrew Travel French Press Coffee Maker | Portable Insulated Coffee Press with Plunger for Travel, Commuting and Outdoors | Borosilicate Glass Cup for Proper Coffee To Go! (15 oz)…

With the Betterbrew French Press coffee maker you no longer need to settle for instant coffee on the go. With Betterbrew’s clever engineering you can drink high-quality coffee with safety from your car.

Cut half an hour of tedious coffee brewing in the morning with this purchase and make sure you get to work on time as well as being caffeinated. Constructed for convenience and longevity, this travel french press maker ensures it is leak-proof and travel-safe for any situation.

The plunger disassembles for complete and deep cleaning, and the lid opens 180 degrees for easy sipping. Borosilicate Glass enables insulation as well as staying eco-conscious by using sustainable and reusable materials.

YETI Rambler 30oz Tumbler

YETI Rambler 30 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid, Seafoam

If you like to drink a lot of coffee, but don’t want to carry a huge thermos with you everywhere, then the Yeti Rambler can solve your problems. At a whopping 30oz (smaller sizes are available) you can transport multiple cups of coffee in this one vessel while you travel.

The Yeti’s drinking spout means you don’t have to tediously pour out each cup, you can just drink, and Yetis drinking lid utilizes magnets to ensure their tumbler is spill-proof.

Using BPA-free materials, this cup remains reusable and durable for a lifetime and stops you ever using cardboard coffee cups ever again. Its lid is spillproof and conserves heat for hours even when filled to its 30oz capacity.

Hydro Flask Coffee Travel Mug

Hydro Flask Coffee 16 oz. Travel Mug - Insulated, Stainless Steel, & Reusable with Wide Flex Sip Lid

Hydro Flask is another company that has engineered the coffee mug for outdoor use. Hydro Flask’s easy-to-carry handle means you can hook it onto your rucksack or carry it with one hand while you walk the dogs with the other.

Its wide flex sip lid means you can easily drink while driving or walking without fear of spillage. It comes with a lifetime warranty as a result of its stainless steel exterior.

Hydro Flask pledges to donate to non-profit environmental charities and donates their mugs to reduce single-use plastic forever. This illustrates the company is dedicated to environmental conservation rather than simply following trends.

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